Here’s a secret: until you get down into the real nitty gritty, Information Technology is something anyone can learn.

The problem is that learning it well enough to avoid costly errors takes knowledge and experience, but most of all, time.

Time to dig through and inventory carrier contracts and services. Time to research and qualify vendors. Time to master cloud-based solutions well enough to choose the right ones and configure them correctly for your business. Time to keep current on the dizzying world of security and compliance.

That’s time most of our clients would rather spend on what they do best: running and managing their business.

This is where we come in. We’ve worked with hundreds of suppliers and vendors, and we understand how to get the best from them. We know all the IT tools, services and solutions businesses can use to increase productivity, manage costs and reduce frustration.

Best of all, with decades of experience across sales, engineering, project management and customer service, we know how to meet your business goals with the best technology tailored to your budget, staffing, current needs and plans for the future. Think of us as your virtual CIO, a team that understands your business and connects strategy with implementation in a way that works for your bottom line, not the vendors’.

We don’t have offices world-wide and thousands of employees to sift through when you need something done. We’re a tested group of IT professionals with broad and deep experience who simply love working side by side with our clients to solve problems.

Contact us and work with the best team in IT solutions and business strategy today.

Trey Lackey, President, Access Tech

Trey Lackey


With over 25 years industry experience, Trey’s career focus has been helping clients improve processes and customer experiences with the best technologies available so they can get things done.

A widely-recognized expert in the field of telecommunications and wide area networking technologies – and a sought-after speaker for industry events – Trey started his career with a team that developed plan exercise software for Emergency Management Agencies around the country. In 2006, he helped develop one of the first managed WAN (SD WAN) products – one still utilized by several large marquee multisite retail clients.

As Founder and President of Access Tech, Trey has helped a diverse range of customers across many fields – legal, real estate, non-profit, transit, and more. Building on his unique experience working for both carriers and as an agent, he’s grown the company from a traditional telecom agent to an innovative consulting firm, one that can bridge the gap between business processes and strategies and the smart, right-sized IT solutions. Along the way, he’s built a network of best-in-class technology partners unparalleled in the industry.

Heather Adams, Operations Manager, Access Tech

Heather Adams

Owner/Operations Manager

Heather has a diverse and comprehensive background in marketing, project management and telecommunications, is fluent in carrier-speak, and well-versed in inventory creation and analysis, pricing and proposals, and order placement.

Heather began her career working for an Agency that represented US West and other carriers, giving her a storehouse of knowledge about how to navigate carriers and their processes. Then, supporting two sales teams for Qwest’s B2B Wireless Division, she gained a thorough understanding of wireless services and how the wireless companies work. Amplifying those experiences into her own project management company, she contracted Agents and ISPs, giving her an extremely large knowledge base multitude of carriers and products.

As Owner, Operations Manager and Lead Project Manager for Access Tech, Heather has helped develop processes and procedures to streamline all workflows, customize CRM software, and create ticketing system. She has managed hundreds of implementations from single-site internet installations to multi-site network rebuilds including connectivity, redundancy and hardware refreshes. Heather excels at coordinating with customers, carriers, voice data vendors, wiring contractors, and building managers while ensuring that risks are addressed and problems mitigated.

Dave Giller, Technology Advisor, Access Tech

Dave Giller

Technology Advisor

Dave is a deeply experienced Portland-area Internet and networking engineer. Seeing so many individual technologies come and go over his career, he’s developed a broad and pragmatic real-world perspective on the goal of any smart network infrastructure: it should work for you instead of keeping you up at night.

Since he co-founded a facilities-based ISP, managed IT service provider, and network consulting business in 1997, his experience and expertise has covered the gamut of any organization. As a Systems, Services, and Solutions Engineer, he’s designed and implemented custom software and infrastructure for specific client needs. As an Infrastructure Designer and Chief Network Engineer, he’s created, maintained, and evolved a regional-area ISP infrastructure. And as a Chief Operating Officer and Service Manager, he’s developed and implemented a business plan for the service delivery division of the company, offering both IT and networking managed services and consulting.

Joyce Cam, Marketing Administrator, Access Tech

Joyce Cam

Marketing Administrator

Joyce has been in Marketing and Administration for 6 years. She has a Bachelor of Political Science degree from The University of California, Berkeley.

Joyce brings curiosity, drive, and experience in writing, marketing, and customer service to Access Tech, where she has pushed successful campaigns, curated informative webinars, and written insightful content. Building on her diverse experience with nonprofits, independent newspapers, retail, and educational institutions, she loves learning more about technology, working with the Access Tech team, and providing excellent service to clients.