What we’re seeing out in the boundless world of IT and how you can make the most of it

Acces tech: From zero-trust to trusted providers, there are many steps to take to improve your security system. With these top developments of 2022, how many has your company implemented?

2022 recap: Top cybersecurity takeaways

We are always talking about the “next big thing” in cybersecurity, but for now, the weak links continue to be humans ...
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Access Tech: These issues create an avenue for cybercriminals to get into your company’s data, sometimes even undetected. How secure are you?

WFH: Home network security becomes a bigger concern 

The number of people regularly working from home are relying on consumer-grade networking gear to access a wide range of corporate applications. ...
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Access Tech: Don't let your children's private information be leaked to hackers.

The Need for a Centralized Approach to Education Cybersecurity 

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (U.S. GAO) has released a report showing that schools remain vulnerable to cyberattacks. ...
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Access Tech: Zero-trust is the next step for your company's cybersecurity.

Why Zero-Trust Architecture is best for your cloud security 

As companies look to reduce corporate risk, protect against data breaches and other incidents, and maintain regulatory compliance, a zero-trust security strategy provides significant advantages when compared to legacy models. ...
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Access Tech: How secure is your employees internet connection?

Employees need secure, high-performance Internet access 

To do their jobs, employees need high-performance, secure access to corporate networks and IT assets ...
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Access Tech: Don't let your guard down in 2023. Talk to your IT about cybersecurity upgrades!

Let’s talk: 6 Cybersecurity conversation starters 

For IT personnel trying to expand the reach of their services with existing organizations, initiating a cybersecurity conversation around the need for solutions and services can be challenging. ...
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Access Tech: How secure are you? Don’t let hackers slip into your network through the cracks

Growing software supply chain attacks: organizations must be alert 

A state-of-supply chain report shows a massive 633 percent year-over-year increase in attacks in 2022. Attackers find supply chain breaches lucrative because when every day or common software is compromised, the attackers could, in theory, gain access to all the enterprises that use that software. ...
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Access Tech: Don't let holiday fatigue get the best of your company. Make the holidays festive and avoid hacks.

Hacker season – top cybersecurity tips for the holidays 

A Darktrace report observed that there is a 30 percent increase in the average number of ransomware attacks over the holiday period compared to the monthly average. The researchers also established a 70 percent average increase in attempted ransomware attacks in the months of November and December, compared to January and February. Don’t let the holiday festivities distract you from keeping your data safe. ...
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