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Access Tech: Cyber insurance has emerged as a determining factor for trusted providers in deciding whether to engage with a client. Are you insured?

Cybersecurity insurance becomes a barometer for company readiness

As a company, you may think cyber security is all you can do to protect your company from attacks. However, another layer of security in the form of cybersecurity insurance protects your company even further.  ...
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Access Tech: Do you have a Security Operations Center set up to help protect your data?

5 Levels of security operations center maturity

Security operations center (SOC) has emerged as a critical strategy for protecting client networks ...
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Access Tech: How strong is your security posture?

Cybersecurity’s biggest challenges and their impact on IT teams 

TechTarget highlighted cybersecurity as one of the top three challenges CIOs face in 2023. ...
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Access Tech: Don’t let your business go unprotected. Get in front of the cybersecurity talent shortage!

Stay ahead of cybersecurity talent shortage 

The 2022 Cybersecurity Workforce Study revealed that despite adding more than 464,000 workers in the past year, the cybersecurity workforce gap has grown more than twice as much as the workforce with a 26.2% year-over-year increase. ...
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Access Tech: Does your company utilize AI?

AI solutions for AI problems

Organizations benefit from focusing on the core principles of cybersecurity. ...
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Access Tech: Trusted partners are making the SASE game easier. Enterprises should determine the value offered by managed service providers to ensure it is demonstrably better than what the enterprise can do themselves by working directly with the vendor. Access Tech can provide the management you need, at a cost that won’t break the bank. Who manages your SASE?

Why you need a trusted partner to manage your SASE

A trusted provider can make SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) implementation a viable option for an organization that would find it difficult or impossible to do on its own. ...
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Access Tech: Cybersecurity should always be a top priority, but you don't need to break the bank to get upscale security.

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Defense while Reducing Costs

The global wave of organizational cutbacks does not spare the field of cybersecurity. More and more organizations are turning to external service providers to meet their cybersecurity needs.  ...
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Access Tech: What is your role in fixing an issue for a client?

Phone chaos: from the desk of the president

When the phone lines first went down, I asked the usual questions like what’s happening, who’s affected, when did it start, what’s the impact on the business, is there any connection with other outages, and what’s been done to fix it. ...
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