What we’re seeing out in the boundless world of IT and how you can make the most of it

Access Tech: It's nice to work at home, but remote work leads to more cybersecurity risks. To prevent these remote risks, identify and map the processes of cybersecurity and partner with a professional.

A smart approach to Cyber Resilience

Uptime is essential to the modern business. If you’re not doing everything you can to prevent downtime, you’re not going to hit your uptime goals, and this will increasingly become an issue as it relates to cyber security. ...
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Access Tech: Do you know how much data a hacker can steal with just a simple click of a link? Protect your data with prevention and remember to think before you click!

Hacker phishing – How is it used as an attack?

When hackers are the most successful with their phishing expeditions, what is involved in their attack? Hackers use phishing to steal your company’s data in many ways. From the simplest way in, like the click of a link, to extremely complicated ransomware incident strategies. ...
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Access Tech: Technology's role in business is growing. With the competitive market today, the transition to cloud is imperative. Are your cloud costs spiraling out? Don't spend on what you don't need!

Five steps to control cloud costs

The cost savings around cloud computing are often what serves as a catalyst for business leaders to initiate a transition to cloud. The ability to pay a subscription fee is far superior to making a capital investment in technology and being responsible for maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting. ...
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Access Tech: VMware is back in control to serve their customers in unique ways. Although no longer owned by Dell, VMware continues to grow their partner relationships with them to provide more flexible services.

VMware and Dell – Moving apart from each other and still achieving greatness

VMware is now much more flexible in terms of competitive offerings. They are growing their partner relationships so they can offer more combinations of options. ...
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Access Tech: Isolation has left many remote workers at a higher risk of attacks due to exposure. With less conversations between workers, it's harder to know what's going on with recent hacks. Remember to notify and alert your coworkers about any recent hacks affecting businesses.

Cybersecurity and the dangers of isolation

One of our reliable IT sources has brought to our attention a very important issue considered to be a danger of cybersecurity: Isolation. How does this particular aspect, which affects every human on earth at some point or another, impact cybersecurity? ...
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Access Tech: Customers have high expectations for service. Is your customer contact center up-to-date to provide the best service possible?

Three ways to improve your remote contact center

A recent white paper by Subspace reported that 44% of all contact center employees are now working remotely at least five days a week, an increase from 17% before the start of the pandemic. ...
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Access Tech: Keep a high alert for LockBit ransomware which blocks users from accessing their data. Prevention with security and safety can help keep LockBit away from your device.

LockBit ransomware – What is it and are you safe?

Do you know what LockBit ransomware is? How confident are you regarding the security and safety within your internal operations? Is your current IT set up capable of preventing this type of ransomware attack? ...
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Access Tech: Tech "hype" trends can help you in the new year. Gartner's hype scale tracks innovations in the tech industry that will play a role in 2022. Are you with the trends?

Tech “hype” trends – What’s in and what’s out?

As we inch closer to the end of 2021 (how are we already in the 4th quarter?!), we have enough data to compare the assumed IT innovations with those that are realistically emerging. ...
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