What we’re seeing out in the boundless world of IT and how you can make the most of it

Access Tech: Are you prepared for a ransomware attack?

A cybersecurity checklist to protect against ransomware

In the ‘2023 ransomware insights report‘, research shows that 73 percent of the 1,350 organizations surveyed had experienced a successful ransomware attack in 2022. ...
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Access Tech: How can you prepare your business for 5G to ensure your business will get the greatest benefits?

3 Ways to Prepare your Business for 5G

While the full potential of 5G in the business landscape is yet to be reached, it will still impact organizations. ...
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Access Tech: Have you considered implementing 5G into your business?

What are the disadvantages of 5G for business? 

5G is expected to bring many benefits to businesses over the upcoming decades, but 5G does not come without its challenges. ...
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Access Tech: Are you 5G Ready?

3 horizons of 5G business development

5G is the fifth iteration of wireless technology that promises increased data transfer rates, decreased latency, and superior connectivity. ...
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Access Tech: DEI and uplifting underrepresented communities matter

Access Tech Talks DEI and Self-Care: AANHPI Women Conference 

The Center for Asian Pacific American Women (CAPAW) hosted their West Coast Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) Conference at Portland State University (PSU) ...
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Access Tech: Consider 5G as an efficient backup connection choice due to its high speed (up to 200 Mpps upload) and cost-effectiveness compared to wired services.

5G for Redundant Internet Connectivity  

Having a backup Internet connection for your business is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Reliance on online services and cloud-based tools has made uninterrupted connectivity a necessity. ...
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Access Tech: The significance of public transportation in furnishing effective and environmentally friendly mobility choices for communities cannot be overstated.

Access Tech Talks Transit: Washington State Public Transportation Conference 

The annual Washington State Public Transportation Conference, Vendor Expo and State Roadeo was held by the Washington State Transit Association (WSTA) on August 12 to August 15, 2023, in Vancouver, WA. ...
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Access Tech: Do you ride public transit?

Access Tech supports local transit: Yamhill ReMARKable Rider Day

Yamhill County Transit (YCT) presents ReMARKable Rider Day where riders and transit advocates are thanked for their continuous support.   ...
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