What we’re seeing out in the boundless world of IT and how you can make the most of it

Access Tech: Zero trust can help your business be more secure. Who knows your password?

Passwords aren’t enough! Zero-trust IT is the solution  

At the most fundamental level, zero-trust IT is all about ensuring security based on a known identity of an end user, application, or device.  ...
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Access Tech: How secure if your cloud data?

2023 spotlight: Cloud Security

A survey of 350 IT leaders from large enterprises finds that 59 percent believe that moving to the cloud has made their enterprises less secure. ...
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Access Tech: With rise in AI, skill shortages, economic uncertainty, and more, companies need to keep their eye out for these trends and how it may end up affecting their business.

9 trends for 2023 that organizations can’t afford to ignore

Heading into 2023 it’s hard to predict with any certainty what might come next. Inflation may be slowing thanks in part to a sharp rise in interest rates. There are, however, 9 technology and business trends that need to be at the forefront of business planning and decisions.  ...
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Access Tech: Remote work has caused for cyber criminals to target emails more frequently. Has your business fallen victim to an email attack?

Email-borne attacks: the cost to businesses 

Email remains a powerful attack channel. It is an accessible, effective, and low-cost tool for cybercriminals to use. Email-based attacks also continue to evolve, harnessing AI and advanced social engineering techniques for increasingly sophisticated and stealthy attacks.  ...
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Access Tech: Zero-trust overcomes the problems of legacy, perimeter-focused security models. Do you have trust in zero-trust?

Into the future: Put your trust in zero-trust

Zero-Trust Security is the future. With the right tools, zero-trust provides more granular and effective security. ...
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Access Tech: With evolving technology and hacking strategies, VPNs fall short and may not guarantee the protection you need. Have you upgraded?

Remote Access VPNs fall short: Here’s why 

VPNs are network solutions that were designed for corporate networks and security models that no longer exist, and cannot provide secure, high-performance network access to a workforce that requires a more modern remote access solution.  ...
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Acces tech: From zero-trust to trusted providers, there are many steps to take to improve your security system. With these top developments of 2022, how many has your company implemented?

2022 recap: Top cybersecurity takeaways

We are always talking about the “next big thing” in cybersecurity, but for now, the weak links continue to be humans ...
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Access Tech: These issues create an avenue for cybercriminals to get into your company’s data, sometimes even undetected. How secure are you?

WFH: Home network security becomes a bigger concern 

The number of people regularly working from home are relying on consumer-grade networking gear to access a wide range of corporate applications. ...
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