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Access Tech: Legacy phone systems don’t have the capacity to ensure the productivity and satisfaction of your employees and customers.

Time to leave the legacy behind: 5 reasons to move to the cloud

By staying with a PBX system, a business risks system outages and unplanned downtime, high upgrade costs, and little to no flexibility or agility for employees. ...
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Access Tech: "988" is the new crisis hotline three-digit number. Are your phone systems updated?

“988” National Suicide Prevention Line Update 

July 16, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules establishing “988” as the new, nationwide, three-digit phone number for Americans in crisis to connect with suicide prevention and mental health crisis counselors. ...
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E-911 is complex with UCaaS – Here’s how Zoom’s doing things different

In an emergency, we expect to be able to pick up any phone anywhere that will not only connect us to emergency responders like police and fire but also let them know where we are calling from so they can find us. That may not be the case if you are using a cloud-based phone system. ...
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Access Tech: POTS lines are phasing out soon. Is your business ready for the switch from analog to digital?

POTS lines are going away, are you prepared?

With VoIP and smart phones comprising over 90% of all telephone service, the need for landline or copper lines from the phone companies has all but disappeared. ...
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Insights from Access Tech

Preventing a data breach for your most vulnerable devices

Here are some interesting, albeit shocking, stats about the most vulnerable devices we use on a daily basis: 47% are security cameras installed on company networks 15% are ...
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Access Tech: Make sure your 911 information is up to date so you can be found.

911 best practices

While more businesses are reopening, thoughts about the existing phone system must stay in the forefront. There are several things to consider to ensure your phone system’s 911 information is accurate and updated. ...
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Access Tech: Keep a high alert for LockBit ransomware which blocks users from accessing their data. Prevention with security and safety can help keep LockBit away from your device.

LockBit ransomware – What is it and are you safe?

Do you know what LockBit ransomware is? How confident are you regarding the security and safety within your internal operations? Is your current IT set up capable of preventing this type of ransomware attack? ...
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Access Tech: Your exit plan for business closure is tedious but important work. Do you have procedures set in place to tie up your loose ends?

Business closures: There are cybersecurity risks involved

The closing of a business is a major process which includes paying attention to all the loose ends. Perhaps in the haste of closing one’s business, certain security aspects are forgotten, procrastinated, or unknown. ...
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