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Insights focusing on: SD-WAN

Access Tech: Is your company utilizing 5G capabilities for your SD-WAN needs?

The power of 5G: SD-WAN

The move to 5G technology comes with much higher network speeds rivaling that of wireline connections. Providers are constructing edge locations in order to support 5G connectivity. These include ...
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Access Tech: Have you considered SD-WAN for your business needs?

Evolve from Traditional WAN to SD-WAN

The corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) connects an organization’s dispersed branch offices, central data center, cloud-based infrastructure, and remote workforce. Companies that have traditionally relied on conventional WAN ...
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Access Tech: Trusted partners are making the SASE game easier. Enterprises should determine the value offered by managed service providers to ensure it is demonstrably better than what the enterprise can do themselves by working directly with the vendor. Access Tech can provide the management you need, at a cost that won’t break the bank. Who manages your SASE?

Why you need a trusted partner to manage your SASE

A trusted provider can make SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) implementation a viable option for an organization that would find it difficult or impossible to do on its own. ...
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Access Tech: Zero trust can help your business be more secure. Who knows your password?

Passwords aren’t enough! Zero-trust IT is the solution  

At the most fundamental level, zero-trust IT is all about ensuring security based on a known identity of an end user, application, or device.  ...
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Access Tech: Zero-trust overcomes the problems of legacy, perimeter-focused security models. Do you have trust in zero-trust?

Into the future: Put your trust in zero-trust

Zero-Trust Security is the future. With the right tools, zero-trust provides more granular and effective security. ...
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Access Tech: With evolving technology and hacking strategies, VPNs fall short and may not guarantee the protection you need. Have you upgraded?

Remote Access VPNs fall short: Here’s why 

VPNs are network solutions that were designed for corporate networks and security models that no longer exist, and cannot provide secure, high-performance network access to a workforce that requires a more modern remote access solution.  ...
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Combining SD-WAN and ZTNA for a security dream team 

Like many of the most valuable advances, SD-WAN was the right solution at the right time. It enabled organizations to accelerate their digital transformation efforts by providing flexible, optimized access to critical applications and resources to workers in remote offices. ...
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Cybersecurity warning: Google zero-day vulnerability

Google has released a new patch for Google Chrome to address critical vulnerabilities in V8, WebRTC, and Chrome OS Shell components. ...
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