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Insights focusing on: Managed Services

Access Tech: VMware is back in control to serve their customers in unique ways. Although no longer owned by Dell, VMware continues to grow their partner relationships with them to provide more flexible services.

VMware and Dell – Moving apart from each other and still achieving greatness

VMware is now much more flexible in terms of competitive offerings. They are growing their partner relationships so they can offer more combinations of options. ...
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Access Tech: Keep a high alert for LockBit ransomware which blocks users from accessing their data. Prevention with security and safety can help keep LockBit away from your device.

LockBit ransomware – What is it and are you safe?

Do you know what LockBit ransomware is? How confident are you regarding the security and safety within your internal operations? Is your current IT set up capable of preventing this type of ransomware attack? ...
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Access Tech: Is your business prepared for the future? With automation, unify your IT delivery service to make remote working less of a headache.

Automation – prepare for the future

Using automation within your operational processes on a daily basis can help to prepare your company for the future. “Streamlining and automating your approach to IT management allows your organization to divert time,” in addition to the finances and human resources dedicated towards different issues. ...
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Access Tech: Ransomware attacks have increased by a staggering 151%! Is your security secure enough? Watch out!

Fake ransomware – watch out!

Ransomware continues to attack, globally. When compared to the first six months of 2020, this year’s attacks have increased by a shocking 151%! ...
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Access Tech: Your exit plan for business closure is tedious but important work. Do you have procedures set in place to tie up your loose ends?

Business closures: There are cybersecurity risks involved

The closing of a business is a major process which includes paying attention to all the loose ends. Perhaps in the haste of closing one’s business, certain security aspects are forgotten, procrastinated, or unknown. ...
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Access Tech: The cloud war between big players is ongoing. Are they fighting for your best interest? How will this affect you?

The carrier cloud war – Will it impact you?

A recent report has been conducted, gauging the changes in cloud infrastructure services spending. They advise there has been an increase of 36% in this industry, with up to $47 billion spent thus far in 2021. ...
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Access Tech: Working from home presents more security issues due to the mix of work and personal activities on the same devices. Are you the only one with a house key?

Are hosted desktops the answer to a remote workforce?

As we move further into the pandemic abyss, many companies are wondering when it will be time to move back to the office and away from remote working. ...
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Access Tech: Business Email Compromise (BEC) schemes have become more notorious since remote working. Follow steps to prevent BEC's from harming you and your business!

BEC attacks! What are they?

The FBI has reported that “Business Email Compromise (BEC) schemes have grown 2,370% since 2015. With more than 40,000 domestic and international incidents, these types of scams have cost more than a staggering $5.3 billion in actual and attempted losses.” ...
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