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Access Tech: The TSP will support a more accessible and sustainable future for Portland.

TSP to keep Portland accessible and moving

Portland has pioneered much of the innovation and policy for transit nationally and internationally. They are planning for the next 20 years.  The Transportation System Plan (TSP) is ...
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Portland Ice Storm: Pipe burst

President Trey Lackey had been out of town during the weekend ice storm in January. He had two families holed up in his house because of power outages. ...
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Access Tech: How is your IoT ecosystem?

What is IoT? The internet of things explained

The internet of things (IoT) is a catch-all term for the growing number of electronics that aren’t traditional computing devices, but are connected to the internet to send ...
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Access Tech: Can AI successfully and accurately read your data?

AI and Data Management: Opportunities and Challenges for Trusted Partners 

The emergence of artificial intelligence has led to a growing recognition of the importance of data for business. ...
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Access Tech: Do you rely on a medical device? How secure is your device?

IT departments must ensure security of medical devices

Industry experts have been apprehensive about the cybersecurity vulnerabilities posed by the increasing number of IoT medical devices. ...
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Access Tech: Can your IT currently support you hybrid work schedule?

Does your IT department efficiently support remote work? 

While the debate over the merits of enabling a much larger percentage of the workforce to work remotely intensifies as the COVID-19 pandemic becomes an aspect of daily life, it appears most organizations are now resigned to the fact that an increasing number of employees will be spending more time outside the office than in.  ...
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Access Tech: POTS lines are phasing out soon. Is your business ready for the switch from analog to digital?

POTS lines are going away, are you prepared?

With VoIP and smart phones comprising over 90% of all telephone service, the need for landline or copper lines from the phone companies has all but disappeared. ...
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Insights from Access Tech

IoT devices – Are you throwing them away and causing a security threat?

Are you wiping your devices clean before disposing of them? Are you aware of how to properly dispose of your devices? What happens if you don’t throw them ...
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