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Insights focusing on: Disaster Recovery

Access Tech: As ransomware has evolved, attackers have shifted their focus from mere encryption to extortion for financial gain. How can you protect your organization’s data?

Tips to lock down your backup infrastructure

Ransomware that’s aimed at backup infrastructure can put critical backups at risk as well as expose sensitive corporate data. Ransomware has unfortunately matured in recent years. Attackers have ...
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Portland Ice Storm: Pipe burst

President Trey Lackey had been out of town during the weekend ice storm in January. He had two families holed up in his house because of power outages. ...
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Access Tech: Is your company prepared for an ATO attack?

ATOs on the Rise: Let Trusted Providers Step In

A catering company owner in Kettering, Ohio started receiving odd emails and text messages about packages she never ordered, insurance premiums she did not authorize, and more. ...
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Access Tech: Don't let holiday fatigue get the best of your company. Make the holidays festive and avoid hacks.

Hacker season – top cybersecurity tips for the holidays 

A Darktrace report observed that there is a 30 percent increase in the average number of ransomware attacks over the holiday period compared to the monthly average. The researchers also established a 70 percent average increase in attempted ransomware attacks in the months of November and December, compared to January and February. Don’t let the holiday festivities distract you from keeping your data safe. ...
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Can you survive an Internet outage? 

You might be thinking, “Why should I care about SD-WAN? My internet is pretty stable. I haven’t had any issues so far.” That’s what many businesses think. ...
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Insights from Access Tech

Preventing a data breach for your most vulnerable devices

Here are some interesting, albeit shocking, stats about the most vulnerable devices we use on a daily basis: 47% are security cameras installed on company networks 15% are ...
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Access Tech: With the rise of ransomeware ambushes, more spending on security is in order. Is your protection enough?

Next year will see more security spending

The recent State of IT report performed by Spiceworks has projected that business security spending budgets. These are going “to increase in 2022. One specific area that will continue to see growth is managed security services.” ...
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Access Tech: Do you know how much data a hacker can steal with just a simple click of a link? Protect your data with prevention and remember to think before you click!

Hacker phishing – How is it used as an attack?

When hackers are the most successful with their phishing expeditions, what is involved in their attack? Hackers use phishing to steal your company’s data in many ways. From the simplest way in, like the click of a link, to extremely complicated ransomware incident strategies. ...
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