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Insights focusing on: Cyber security

Access Tech: Is your company ready to automate your cybersecurity? 

Keep up with the landscape: Automation for cybersecurity

Many organizations conduct surveys every year about the evolving threats and cybersecurity concerns that enterprises are faced with. Info-Tech Research Group’s report suggests automation to help with the ...
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Access Tech: Is your Microsoft environment secure?

5 tips to secure your Microsoft environment

With more than 345 million paying customers worldwide, Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular work suites available. But like any digital platform, it comes with risks. ...
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Access Tech: Have you been affected by these breaches?

Security Advisory: Citrix, PAN, and Fortinet Recent Vulnerabilities

Over the past week, Access Tech has been addressing many of our clients about the following zero-day vulnerabilities: Citrix: XenServer and Citrix Hypervisor Security Update Two issues have been ...
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Access Tech: Is your organization committed to integrating security into network products?

SASE: Navigating the Convergence

Organizations have long been faced with issues about high-speed connectivity to applications for users on and off network, how to secure their networks from threats both inside and ...
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Access Tech: Choosing the right security platform is crucial for organizations, considering both needs and IT team skillsets. Threat detection and response solutions, such as EDR, MDR and XDR play vital roles. Which should your business choose?

EDR vs MDR vs XDR: What’s best for your business?

Selecting a security platform that provides the right level of protection based on the organization’s needs and their IT team’s skillset is vital. A determined attacker can find ...
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Access Tech: As ransomware has evolved, attackers have shifted their focus from mere encryption to extortion for financial gain. How can you protect your organization’s data?

Tips to lock down your backup infrastructure

Ransomware that’s aimed at backup infrastructure can put critical backups at risk as well as expose sensitive corporate data. Ransomware has unfortunately matured in recent years. Attackers have ...
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How can XDR strengthen your cyber security?

Email is an integral part of our daily communication. With countless emails being sent and received daily, it has become an essential fabric of day-to-day business activities. The widespread ...
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Access Tech: Ease into SASE with SSE

Modern Cybersecurity: Easing into SASE with SSE

Modern enterprise complexity is challenging cybersecurity programs. With the widespread adoption of cloud services and remote work, and the broadening distribution of applications and employees away from traditional ...
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