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Insights from Access Tech

Tomorrow is Change Your Password Day!

Do you have that one great password that you love? It’s your go-to when creating a new account. You love it because it’s reliable and usually tied to ...
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Access Tech: With the new year comes new hacks. Is your business prepared for what hackers have in store for 2022?

Cybersecurity in 2022: Are you protected? 

Who trusts you with their data? In 2022, improve your cybersecurity system. Hackers and their tactics are developing ...
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Access Tech: The shift to cyber resilience is key to a successful business. If a hack occurs, how quickly and efficiently can your business bounce back?

Hacks are inevitable, resilience is key

Catching on fire is very unlikely, so why do we remember to “stop, drop, and roll?” It is about being prepared and having a plan to diffuse a bad situation, like cyber resilience. ...
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Insights from Access Tech

The O365 threat – Are you at risk?

Windows 10 had a recent zero-day vulnerability called CVE-2021-40444. What is this and are you at risk? “Because Microsoft Office is used and trusted by millions worldwide, attackers ...
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Access Tech: With the rise of ransomeware ambushes, more spending on security is in order. Is your protection enough?

Next year will see more security spending

The recent State of IT report performed by Spiceworks has projected that business security spending budgets. These are going “to increase in 2022. One specific area that will continue to see growth is managed security services.” ...
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Access Tech: It's nice to work at home, but remote work leads to more cybersecurity risks. To prevent these remote risks, identify and map the processes of cybersecurity and partner with a professional.

A smart approach to Cyber Resilience

Uptime is essential to the modern business. If you’re not doing everything you can to prevent downtime, you’re not going to hit your uptime goals, and this will increasingly become an issue as it relates to cyber security. ...
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Access Tech: Do you know how much data a hacker can steal with just a simple click of a link? Protect your data with prevention and remember to think before you click!

Hacker phishing – How is it used as an attack?

When hackers are the most successful with their phishing expeditions, what is involved in their attack? Hackers use phishing to steal your company’s data in many ways. From the simplest way in, like the click of a link, to extremely complicated ransomware incident strategies. ...
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Access Tech: Isolation has left many remote workers at a higher risk of attacks due to exposure. With less conversations between workers, it's harder to know what's going on with recent hacks. Remember to notify and alert your coworkers about any recent hacks affecting businesses.

Cybersecurity and the dangers of isolation

One of our reliable IT sources has brought to our attention a very important issue considered to be a danger of cybersecurity: Isolation. How does this particular aspect, which affects every human on earth at some point or another, impact cybersecurity? ...
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