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How can XDR strengthen your cyber security?

Email is an integral part of our daily communication. With countless emails being sent and received daily, it has become an essential fabric of day-to-day business activities. The widespread ...
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Access Tech: Ease into SASE with SSE

Modern Cybersecurity: Easing into SASE with SSE

Modern enterprise complexity is challenging cybersecurity programs. With the widespread adoption of cloud services and remote work, and the broadening distribution of applications and employees away from traditional ...
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Access Tech: Despite increasing cyberattack sophistication, email remains a primary entry point, making robust email protection crucial. Read about the 5 best practices when it comes to email security.

Email security: 5 best practices

Traditional email gateways leave companies vulnerable to more advanced threats. When it comes to selecting an email security solution, organizations should look for one that reflects these five ...
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Access Tech: 2024 is poised to be no exception, as challenges beyond our current imagination may surface. Here are a few key trends expected in the year 2024.

Cybersecurity trends forecasted for 2024

The new year always brings possibilities and promises. However, the future can also be full of peril and danger, especially in the world of cybersecurity. The year 2024 ...
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Access Tech: Is your company ready to seize the new tech opportunities in 2024?

5 tech trends to watch out for in 2024

Companies like Deloitte, Gartner, and Telarus have released their top 2024 tech trends that organizations need to explore. These trends will drive significant opportunities for CIOs and other ...
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Access Tech: Last-minute holiday shopping? Don't let getting hacked be an addition to the holiday season stress!

Holiday Shopping! Security Tips to Stay Safe

As the holiday season approaches, we must ensure that we don’t forget about cyber security when wrapped up in the holiday spirit. CISA’s Holiday Online Safety Tips Sheet ...
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Access Tech: The CISA and NSA collaborated to publish a roster of the ten primary cybersecurity misconfigurations.

Top cybersecurity misconfigurations identified by CISA and NSA

The CISA and NSA jointly released a list of the top 10 cybersecurity misconfigurations. The report’s executive summary concludes: “These most common misconfigurations illustrate a trend of systemic ...
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Access Tech: Is your business protected from QR code attacks?

Quishing: What you need to know about QR code email attacks

In today’s digital age, the constant evolution of technology aims to improve the convenience of our personal and professional lives. Quick Response (QR) code has been one such ...
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