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Access Tech: What is your role in fixing an issue for a client?

Phone chaos: from the desk of the operations manager 

When I first heard about the phone issue at our client’s company, I was annoyed but not surprised. ...
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Access Tech: What is your role in fixing an issue for a client?

Phone chaos: from the desk of the engineer 

When their phone outage first happened, our client wasn’t sure whether it was telco-related or a problem with their own network or equipment, so I was called in to help investigate the network.   ...
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Access Tech: Communication is key to any business. How much do you rely on communication to keep your business running?

Case Study: Phone service chaos 

What would you do if your company’s phone systems were cut off without any prior notice? ...
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Access Tech: How secure if your cloud data?

2023 spotlight: Cloud Security

A survey of 350 IT leaders from large enterprises finds that 59 percent believe that moving to the cloud has made their enterprises less secure. ...
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Access Tech: Zero-trust overcomes the problems of legacy, perimeter-focused security models. Do you have trust in zero-trust?

Into the future: Put your trust in zero-trust

Zero-Trust Security is the future. With the right tools, zero-trust provides more granular and effective security. ...
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Access Tech: Zero-trust is the next step for your company's cybersecurity.

Why Zero-Trust Architecture is best for your cloud security 

As companies look to reduce corporate risk, protect against data breaches and other incidents, and maintain regulatory compliance, a zero-trust security strategy provides significant advantages when compared to legacy models. ...
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Access Tech: Is your company using multi-cloud? How has that affected your IT department?

The fall and rise of IT: Multi-cloud

A 2022 survey of 1,000 technology practitioners suggests that as more organizations embrace multi-cloud computing, the number of challenges being encountered is starting to multiply as well.   ...
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Access Tech: How much do you spend on cloud costs? Are you using all the features you pay for?

Cost of the cloud: Who’s paying?  

How much money do you spend? When it comes to big purchases with your business, we are specific and meticulous with what we are paying for. ...
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