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Access Tech: Zero-trust is the next step for your company's cybersecurity.

Why Zero-Trust Architecture is best for your cloud security 

As companies look to reduce corporate risk, protect against data breaches and other incidents, and maintain regulatory compliance, a zero-trust security strategy provides significant advantages when compared to legacy models. ...
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Access Tech: Is your company using multi-cloud? How has that affected your IT department?

The fall and rise of IT: Multi-cloud

A 2022 survey of 1,000 technology practitioners suggests that as more organizations embrace multi-cloud computing, the number of challenges being encountered is starting to multiply as well.   ...
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Access Tech: How much do you spend on cloud costs? Are you using all the features you pay for?

Cost of the cloud: Who’s paying?  

How much money do you spend? When it comes to big purchases with your business, we are specific and meticulous with what we are paying for. ...
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Access Tech: Legacy phone systems don’t have the capacity to ensure the productivity and satisfaction of your employees and customers.

Time to leave the legacy behind: 5 reasons to move to the cloud

By staying with a PBX system, a business risks system outages and unplanned downtime, high upgrade costs, and little to no flexibility or agility for employees. ...
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Access Tech: Are you using what you're paying for? Make sure your cloud plan is just right for your business needs.

Not too hot, not too cold, just right: Scaling the cloud

Today, business leaders are trying to find ways to go beyond growth and achieve scalability. Growing businesses require more people, supplies, locations, and resources to increase revenue, while scalable businesses can significantly increase revenue while minimizing their investment in underlying resources. ...
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Access Tech: IT Departments who work within healthcare must keep up with healthcare regulations and address the ever-growing onslaught of security threats.

IT Departments must keep cybersecurity in line with healthcare regulations 

For healthcare organizations, when it comes to IT, there is an ever-growing and sometimes onerous list of rules, regulations, and laws that must be followed. Failure to do so can result in reputational ruin, hefty penalties, or both.   ...
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Cybersecurity warning: Mitel VoIP vulnerability

A known remote code execution vulnerability, CVE-2022-29499, was discovered with the Linux-based Mitel VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application ...
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SD-WAN to keep you safe and secure

Safety and security has become the top concern for businesses. Hybrid work that calls for data to be shared not just in office, but in personal locations as well is one big reason. ...
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