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Access Tech: Does your company use Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft removing Teams from bundles

Announced on April 1st, Microsoft Teams will no longer be included with Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Office 365 Enterprise licensing.   As per an email sent to Access ...
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Access Tech: UCaaS has become a big giant in the times of the pandemic and push for remote work. Although UCaaS originated as a way to replace traditional phone systems, there are more features that your business can utilize.

3 Pro Tips for a successful UCaaS upgrade

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is still hot right now, and no wonder: by moving traditional voice, video and/or text to the Cloud, it promises better communication ...
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Access Tech: The shift to cyber resilience is key to a successful business. If a hack occurs, how quickly and efficiently can your business bounce back?

Hacks are inevitable, resilience is key

Catching on fire is very unlikely, so why do we remember to “stop, drop, and roll?” It is about being prepared and having a plan to diffuse a bad situation, like cyber resilience. ...
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Access Tech: POTS lines are phasing out soon. Is your business ready for the switch from analog to digital?

POTS lines are going away, are you prepared?

With VoIP and smart phones comprising over 90% of all telephone service, the need for landline or copper lines from the phone companies has all but disappeared. ...
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Access Tech: Make sure your 911 information is up to date so you can be found.

911 best practices

While more businesses are reopening, thoughts about the existing phone system must stay in the forefront. There are several things to consider to ensure your phone system’s 911 information is accurate and updated. ...
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Access Tech: Keep a high alert for LockBit ransomware which blocks users from accessing their data. Prevention with security and safety can help keep LockBit away from your device.

LockBit ransomware – What is it and are you safe?

Do you know what LockBit ransomware is? How confident are you regarding the security and safety within your internal operations? Is your current IT set up capable of preventing this type of ransomware attack? ...
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Access Tech: The cloud war between big players is ongoing. Are they fighting for your best interest? How will this affect you?

The carrier cloud war – Will it impact you?

A recent report has been conducted, gauging the changes in cloud infrastructure services spending. They advise there has been an increase of 36% in this industry, with up to $47 billion spent thus far in 2021. ...
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Insights from Access Tech

The newest COVID impact is already showing itself

As we continue to watch and experience the continued effects of the COVID phenomenon, we are starting to see yet another wave of need. This is mostly centered ...
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