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Access Tech: Non-profit challenges in hiring IT professionals.

Non-profit challenge of hiring IT professionals

Recently, I had a conversation with Pamela Pennington, the IT Director at local non-profit Ride Connection (RC). Pamela moved to Portland from Phoenix to take on the role ...
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Access Tech: The TSP will support a more accessible and sustainable future for Portland.

TSP to keep Portland accessible and moving

Portland has pioneered much of the innovation and policy for transit nationally and internationally. They are planning for the next 20 years.  The Transportation System Plan (TSP) is ...
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Access Tech: Is your organization committed to integrating security into network products?

SASE: Navigating the Convergence

Organizations have long been faced with issues about high-speed connectivity to applications for users on and off network, how to secure their networks from threats both inside and ...
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Access Tech: Is your company affected by the skills gap in cloud management?

Cloud management skills gap drives hybrid cloud adoption

Organizations are struggling to find IT pros with cloud architectural knowledge and the ability to monitor and troubleshoot cloud environments. A lack of cloud management skills could limit ...
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5 ways to boost server efficiency

Servers can consume more than half of the energy in modern data centers, which makes server efficiency attractive to companies looking to hit carbon-neutral sustainability targets and reducing energy usage can save money.  ...
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Access Tech: Consider 5G as an efficient backup connection choice due to its high speed (up to 200 Mpps upload) and cost-effectiveness compared to wired services.

5G for Redundant Internet Connectivity  

Having a backup Internet connection for your business is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Reliance on online services and cloud-based tools has made uninterrupted connectivity a necessity. ...
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Access Tech: Cybersecurity should always be a top priority, but you don't need to break the bank to get upscale security.

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Defense while Reducing Costs

The global wave of organizational cutbacks does not spare the field of cybersecurity. More and more organizations are turning to external service providers to meet their cybersecurity needs.  ...
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Access Tech: What is your role in fixing an issue for a client?

Phone chaos: from the desk of the president

When the phone lines first went down, I asked the usual questions like what’s happening, who’s affected, when did it start, what’s the impact on the business, is there any connection with other outages, and what’s been done to fix it. ...
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