Transit agency

At a Glance:

A midsized transit agency, servicing rural Oregon, has deployed a mobile technology/software stack (I.e. cameras, radios, tablets, etc.) across all 29 vehicles in their fleet. The stack’s main purposes are to improve the safety and enjoyment of its riders and drivers, and for reporting and compliance.  How can Access Tech help the transit agency develop a strategy for supporting their onboard technology into the future? 


The agency has deployed many new devices on the buses, and they don’t know who will support them. With a small non-technical staff, they do not have the resources themselves unless they hire a full-time employee. With the vendors being located all over the world and the agency being small, the vendors do not provide much, if any, post-sales support. 

Our Approach:

Access Tech recommends that the midsized transit agency undertake the following specific steps to ensure the utmost success and stability in its endeavors to enhance ridership assistance technologies: 

  • Standardized Processes: For reporting issues when they arise, assigning responsibilities for repairs, post-resolution dispositioning and reporting 
  • Assess current state: Capitalize on processes that are already working well (do not reinvent the wheel) 
  • Articulate and Promote Goal: Vision statement will serve as a unifying force, motivating and aligning stakeholders, vendors, riders, and the public behind this initiative 
  • Assess Security Vulnerabilities: Operationalize security across all software, hardware and users 
  • Develop Ticketing System: Track issue tickets Explore options such as integrating internal ticketing systems, interfacing with CRM platforms, or considering standalone professional service automation (PSA) tools 
  • Develop Runbooks: Create a set of runbooks that outline common troubleshooting and maintenance procedures for the technology stack 
  • Achieve Management Requirements: Explore options for effective vendor and service management 

Our Recommendations:

Access Tech recommends the following for the midsized agency to enhance their Pilot Program:  

  • Create and maintain inventory and runbooks for their mobile technology stack 
  • Provide on-site and virtual support services (help desk, field technicians) 
  • Develop a training process on all existing and new vendors for agency staff 
  • Perform business reviews with a dedicated CSR 
  • Assist with technology upgrades or developing scopes of work for mobile technology-related 
    procurement projects 
  • Provide a final report that includes pre and post measures of success and recommendations for ongoing improvements 
  • Assist transit agency staff in writing a request for proposal for a managed support contract 
  • Have vendors assist in developing a Request for Quote and procurement process and/or write a job description for an employee if that is the desired direction of the transit agency 

The Results:

Through our recommendation, we will measure the following results. 

  • Cut downs on time and expense, downtime of vehicles, and optimization of hardware and software 
  • Access Tech management of on-vehicle technology stack through creation of runbooks and inventories 
  • Better rider and operator experience 
  • Full-time outsourced help desk eliminating the need for additional headcount for the agency 
  • Operationalizing training service and support for onboard technologies  
  • Reporting for future procurement 
  • Sortable data for regulatory reporting