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Access Tech: Trusted partners with expertise in cost optimization, including potential AI integration, emerge as valuable resources for cost-conscious organizations.

Demand for cloud cost control expertise is on the rise

The volume of applications deployed in the cloud continues to increase steadily. More organizations are looking to contain costs but are finding they lack the skills and expertise ...
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Access Tech: Is your company ready to automate your cybersecurity? 

Keep up with the landscape: Automation for cybersecurity

Many organizations conduct surveys every year about the evolving threats and cybersecurity concerns that enterprises are faced with. Info-Tech Research Group’s report suggests automation to help with the ...
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Access Tech: Is your Microsoft environment secure?

5 tips to secure your Microsoft environment

With more than 345 million paying customers worldwide, Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular work suites available. But like any digital platform, it comes with risks. ...
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Access Tech: Non-profit challenges in hiring IT professionals.

Non-profit challenge of hiring IT professionals

Recently, I had a conversation with Pamela Pennington, the IT Director at local non-profit Ride Connection (RC). Pamela moved to Portland from Phoenix to take on the role ...
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Access Tech: The TSP will support a more accessible and sustainable future for Portland.

TSP to keep Portland accessible and moving

Portland has pioneered much of the innovation and policy for transit nationally and internationally. They are planning for the next 20 years.  The Transportation System Plan (TSP) is ...
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Access Tech: Does your company use Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft removing Teams from bundles

Announced on April 1st, Microsoft Teams will no longer be included with Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Office 365 Enterprise licensing.   As per an email sent to Access ...
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Access Tech: Have you been affected by these breaches?

Security Advisory: Citrix, PAN, and Fortinet Recent Vulnerabilities

Over the past week, Access Tech has been addressing many of our clients about the following zero-day vulnerabilities: Citrix: XenServer and Citrix Hypervisor Security Update Two issues have been ...
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Access Tech: Is your organization committed to integrating security into network products?

SASE: Navigating the Convergence

Organizations have long been faced with issues about high-speed connectivity to applications for users on and off network, how to secure their networks from threats both inside and ...
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