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Access Tech: Stay alert this holiday season while still getting in the spirit.

Holiday MFA fatigue allow hacker opportunities

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the gold standard in offices around the world. We all know the drill: you use your username, and as the password, the name of your first dog and the last four digits of your social security number.  ...
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Access Tech: What does the new SEC cybersecurity disclosure proposal mean for your business?

Cybersecurity disclosures proposal from the SEC

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposes overhauling requirements for cybersecurity disclosures by company boards. ...
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Access Tech: Is your company using multi-cloud? How has that affected your IT department?

The fall and rise of IT: Multi-cloud

A 2022 survey of 1,000 technology practitioners suggests that as more organizations embrace multi-cloud computing, the number of challenges being encountered is starting to multiply as well.   ...
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Access Tech: How much do you spend on cloud costs? Are you using all the features you pay for?

Cost of the cloud: Who’s paying?  

How much money do you spend? When it comes to big purchases with your business, we are specific and meticulous with what we are paying for. ...
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Access Tech: Do you rely on a medical device? How secure is your device?

IT departments must ensure security of medical devices

Industry experts have been apprehensive about the cybersecurity vulnerabilities posed by the increasing number of IoT medical devices. ...
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Access Tech: Legacy phone systems don’t have the capacity to ensure the productivity and satisfaction of your employees and customers.

Time to leave the legacy behind: 5 reasons to move to the cloud

By staying with a PBX system, a business risks system outages and unplanned downtime, high upgrade costs, and little to no flexibility or agility for employees. ...
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Access Tech: Phishing schemes are more rampant as people continue to rely on technology for their personal and work lives. Don't get phished, check on your security today.

One phish, two phish – Phishing attacks continue to grow  

The 2021 FBI Internet Crime Report reveals that spear phishing scams snagged more victims than any other type of internet scam last year. Phishing and related tactics are attempts to trick victims into disclosing their credentials and other sensitive information. ...
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Access Tech: Do you have the foundations right for your security system? Have you set up barriers for the basics before diving into more complex security?

Cybersecurity: Do you have the basics right?

A common thread to cybersecurity is getting the basics right. There are “low-hanging fruit” that could make a positive impact on your organization’s risk profile with relatively little time, effort, and expense. ...
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