Transforming Ride Connection’s Technology Landscape

July 10, 2024
Access Tech is transforming technology for nonprofits like Ride Connection, optimizing IT services, and reducing costs to enhance operations.

Many organizations reach out to Access Tech for help with cutting technology costs and streamlining their IT services. One of these customers is local non-profit Ride Connection, a dedicated organization providing vital transportation services and support to the community. They are facing a lean budget this year and highlighted several key areas where we can enhance Ride Connection’s operations and ensure smoother communication and technology solutions. At Access Tech, we are focused on transforming technology to meet the unique needs of organizations like Ride Connection

Pamela Pennington, a thought leader in the non-profit world and experienced IT Director at Ride Connection, generously shared her strong feelings of frustration with Comcast. She explained how confusing costs had increased her budget by 30%, and how disruptive, unannounced visits from Comcast technicians often failed to resolve their issues. This is where Access Tech steps in to make a difference, transforming technology to provide more efficient and reliable solutions.

How Access Tech is Making a Difference
Our focus is to address the challenges Ride Connection faces with their current technology contracts. By reviewing existing bills and identifying cost-saving opportunities, we will optimize their phone systems and administrative operations. Our expertise in managing vendor communications ensures that Ride Connection can focus on their mission without being bogged down by dealing with logistics.

Comcast, as a large corporation, often falls short in providing personalized customer service. As a high-level Managed Service Provider, we bridge this gap by managing vendor interactions and ensuring that issues are promptly and effectively resolved. Our goal is to alleviate the stress on Ride Connection, allowing them to concentrate on delivering essential services to the community.

How We Can Help You
If your organization is facing similar challenges with communication and technology solutions, let Access Tech handle the complexities for you. Reach out to us today to discover how we can streamline your operations and provide the dedicated support you deserve.

Together, we can create a more efficient and supportive environment for all. Contact Access Tech to learn more about our comprehensive MSP services and how we can help your organization thrive.