OPB and Access Tech Drive Innovation in Technology

July 3, 2024
Access Tech celebrates partnership with OPB and welcomes Rachel Smolkin as the new President and CEO

Access Tech has been collaborating with Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), a key player in journalism and community service, since 2011. While we had the pleasure of working with Steve Bass, OPB’s former CEO, and we wish him well in his next chapter; today we highlight a pivotal moment in this partnership as OPB welcomes Rachel Smolkin as their new President and CEO.

Who is OPB?

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) is an independent, nonprofit public media organization that provides television, radio, digital content, and educational resources to the Pacific Northwest. They focus on delivering high-quality news and entertainment as well as cultural programming to inform and engage the community. They are widely recognized as a key resource to underserved communities and facilitate important conversations on regional issues.

The Importance of This Collaboration

Rachel comes to OPB from CNN where she served as senior vice president of global news. She has decades of experience working within the public sector and demonstrates a passion for community and enhancing accessibility. For Access Tech, this partnership underscores our commitment to supporting influential, mission driven organizations by advancing their technology solutions. OPB’s dedication to deliver essential news and fostering community engagement aligns seamlessly with our values of putting people over profits and stimulating growth for our clients.

Simultaneously, Rachel reflects passion and drive for expanding OPB’s programs and supporting community engagement initiatives. This shift in leadership shows promising growth for both OPB and Access Tech as new opportunities arise and areas for improvement are uncovered. We are ready with creative solutions and high-level experience, to support the changeover and potential transformations down the road.

How We Support

As OPB continues to expand its digital footprint and enhance its journalistic reach, Access Tech is proud to provide network and IT support. From advanced cybersecurity measures to innovative digital solutions, we are dedicated to ensuring that OPB remains at the forefront of news and community service. We invite you to join us in celebrating this exciting collaboration with OPB.

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