Demand for cloud cost control expertise is on the rise

May 29, 2024
Access Tech: Trusted partners with expertise in cost optimization, including potential AI integration, emerge as valuable resources for cost-conscious organizations.

The volume of applications deployed in the cloud continues to increase steadily. More organizations are looking to contain costs but are finding they lack the skills and expertise needed. Cloud demand is high so collaborating with a trusted partner is crucial.

survey of over 400 cloud and data decision-makers find nearly three quarters (72 percent) exceeded their cloud budgets last fiscal year, with 22 percent now making reducing cloud spending a priority. Primary reasons for being over budget include excessive storage (52 percent), the lack of integration (44 percent), overconsumption of network bandwidth (42 percent), and insufficient cloud architecture (40 percent). 

Data management challenges top the list 

The survey also identifies data management as the number one challenge in controlling costs. 

37 percent plan to increase the number of workloads deployed in the cloud by more than 20 percent over the next two years. Just over a quarter are expecting costs to increase by more than 20 percent, the survey finds. 

Trusted partners have more experience when it comes to optimizing cloud costs. As more organizations become sensitive to costs, trusted partners become an option to manage cloud workloads in a way that ensures costs never exceed a set of pre-defined targets. 

The future of cloud optimization includes AI 

There will come a day when artificial intelligence (AI) is more widely applied to cloud optimization. The challenge is that an AI model needs access to data to surface cloud optimization opportunities. Someone with cloud computing expertise needs to verify that any change to the cloud computing environment will provide the anticipated cost reduction. 

Most IT leaders are going to be a little reticent to concede they need help controlling cloud costs. Trusted partners can help organizations have a better understanding of how much of their spending on cloud services is being wasted.  

One way or another, organizations are eventually going to reduce those costs. Trusted partners can look at your cloud services and budget and see where gaps lie. Contact us at Access Tech where we have been helping organizations for years with their cloud services.  

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