Tips to lock down your backup infrastructure

March 20, 2024
Access Tech: As ransomware has evolved, attackers have shifted their focus from mere encryption to extortion for financial gain. How can you protect your organization’s data?

Ransomware that’s aimed at backup infrastructure can put critical backups at risk as well as expose sensitive corporate data. Ransomware has unfortunately matured in recent years. Attackers have realized that while encryption can be an annoyance, extortion is where the real money is made. How should your organization help in preventing these attacks? 

Ransonware targets backup infrastructure 

Extorting sensitive data brings far bigger rewards than randomly encrypting desktops, and they’ve figured out that the backup server is a gold mine of data. Your organization’s confidential, sensitive information contains immense value in the wrong hands. Any security strategy needs to include extra precautions around safeguarding the information stored in your backup system. There are no good options once your data is stolen. That’s why getting back to basics with preventing threats in the first place is so crucial. 

Block attacks via privileged accounts 

The first thing to do is to protect the privileged accounts in your backup system. Separate these accounts from any centralized login system you use. Create as much of a firewall between that production system and the backup system as possible.  Make sure that any such logins are protected by multi-factor authentication and use the best option available. Avoid the use of email or SMS-based MFA (multi-factor authentication), as it is easily foiled by an experienced hacker.  

Block attacks via cloud backups 

It’s a good start to have at least one copy of their backups on storage that is immutable. An offsite cloud copy is the best, as there is no way for the hacker to delete or encrypt these backups without compromising the entire infrastructure of the cloud vendor. This will ensure you will have the backups when you need them to restore after a ransomware attack. 

An organization must guard their data like the precious commodity it is. Access Tech can help you take these next steps in your security. Contact us today to lock down your backup infrastructure. We’ve helped customers for years protect their data. 

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