5 cases that make SD-WAN essential

February 28, 2024
Access Tech: Do any of these apply to you? Have you utilized SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is more flexible than traditional private wide area networks. Instead of using dedicated circuits for data exchange, it uses software to create encrypted tunnels over the Internet. Here are the five most common use cases for SD-WAN and how its network modernization capabilities can benefit your business.

If you have remote workers

The usual approach for remote work is to deploy a lightweight, low-cost SD-WAN hardware appliance in the home office that’s easy to install and manage. The device enables dynamic connectivity across multiple public network services or transports, such as broadband or cellular.  

If you want to improve WAN security or branch security

For some midsize-to-large companies, securing the WAN and branch offices are high priorities. SD-WAN and secure access service edge (SASE) solutions are particularly beneficial because they are considered converged solutions uniting WAN connectivity with several overlapping security capabilities. 

If you’re taking a cloud-first approach to digital innovation

The SD-WAN solution employs a direct connection to the cloud to realize this objective, accessing cloud service providers and SaaS applications, along with automation, orchestration, and optimization capabilities. 

If you have many small branch offices with the same needs

SD-WAN is an effective solution for deploying WAN services to small branch locations because it enables scalability by standardizing. Companies managing many branches recognize the ease of use and automation. 

If you need to modernize a sizeable global WAN

Large organizations, such as multinational businesses, may find deploying SD-WAN as their global WAN helpful. With such geographic dispersion, customers need more WAN reliability. SD-WAN’s optimization technologies are critical for these companies to increase business continuity and enhance the quality of the digital service experience. 

If your business is doing any of these 5 things, SD-WAN is a great solution for your organization to consider.  Contact us at Access Tech to start or continue your SD-WAN journey. We have been helping customers for over 12 years to connect their business strategy with IT solutions. 

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