The power of 5G: SD-WAN

January 24, 2024
Access Tech: Is your company utilizing 5G capabilities for your SD-WAN needs?

The move to 5G technology comes with much higher network speeds rivaling that of wireline connections. Providers are constructing edge locations in order to support 5G connectivity. These include deployments in locations like regional offices, localized data centers, or hosted by third-parties. This distribution allows operators to use those 5G networks to power SD-WAN services. But how does 5G fit with SD-WAN? We’ll tell you how this team can help level up your connectivity.

5G SD-WAN opportunities 

Organizations are using 5G for their primary internet-based connection in branch and distributed locations. Organizations are selecting multiple cellular providers for the 5G connection to further boost service redundancy. 

5G technology is bringing opportunities in terms of bandwidth but also reliability and performance management. 5G supports low-latency capabilities, so it can be a very good fit with SD-WAN technology that can select the right connectivity depending on the requirement of the application and the usage. 

5G Fixed Wireless Access and SD-WAN 

Operators have broadened 5G-based fixed-wireless access (FWA) services that can be used to power SD-WAN services. Gartner expects enterprises tapping into this option will grow from less than 1% of the market in 2021, to 10% in 2025. While 5G appears to be a remedy to software-defined wide area networks, challenges remain. One of the most daunting is the ongoing evolution of 5G technology and standards. 

The technology had its first standard released in 2019, which started the initial launch of 5G-based networks. Since then, there have been several new standard releases, each of which provides more detail on advanced services. 

5G and SD-WAN alone are complicated implementations for businesses. The success of 5G-based SD-WAN opportunities come with its own challenges and complexity, and we can help. Let Access Tech help your organization stay connected. Contact us today for help with getting your business 5G! 

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