Cybersecurity trends forecasted for 2024

January 17, 2024
Access Tech: 2024 is poised to be no exception, as challenges beyond our current imagination may surface. Here are a few key trends expected in the year 2024.

The new year always brings possibilities and promises. However, the future can also be full of peril and danger, especially in the world of cybersecurity. The year 2024 will be no different. Challenges that we can’t imagine today may emerge in the new year. Here are some of the top trends of 2024. 

Top cybersecurity trends to expect this year 

  • The continued rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning: AI and ML are rapidly transforming cybersecurity, enabling more innovative threat detection, automated incident response, and predictive analysis.  
  • Increased focus on IoT (Internet of Things) security: With the explosive growth of IoT, vulnerabilities in these connected systems are becoming prime targets for attackers. Securing these devices, especially in critical infrastructure, will be a top priority.  
  • Mobile malware and phishing: The sheer number of Android phones and Apple iPhones and their continuing integration into business and banking will make them increasingly coveted by cybercriminals.  
  • Cloud security concerns: Where the cloud was once seen as impenetrable, now there are storm clouds. While cloud adoption offers many benefits, it also introduces new security challenges. Data breaches and misconfigurations in cloud environments will remain a significant threat, highlighting the need for robust cloud security strategies. 
  • Zero-trust security will continue its growth: The zero-trust model focuses on verifying and authorizing every access attempt, regardless of user or location. This approach will become increasingly important to secure complex and hybrid IT (Information Technology) environments. There is plenty of room for growth.  
  • Ransomware evolution: Ransomware is not going anywhere. The attacks will continue to evolve, becoming more targeted and sophisticated. Double extortion tactics, where attackers also leak stolen data, are expected to become more common.  
  • The growing IT skills gap: The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals continues to outpace the supply, leaving many organizations vulnerable.  
  • State-sponsored cyber warfare: Cyberattacks as tools of geopolitics are likely to intensify, posing increased risks to critical infrastructure and national security.  
  • Deepfakes and social engineering: As deepfake technology becomes more accessible, expect to see an increase in sophisticated social engineering attacks that leverage convincing audio and video forgeries.  
  • Expect the unexpected: While we can’t tell you what the unexpected is, but usually, every year, there is at least one surprise, a trend, or trouble that comes out of nowhere. Be prepared and stay vigilant for the unexpected. 

These are just some of the top cybersecurity trends to watch for in 2024. By staying informed and proactive, organizations can be better prepared for the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. We at Access Tech can help. We have improved and supported the cybersecurity of many customers over the last 13 years. Contact us today! 

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