5 tech trends to watch out for in 2024

January 3, 2024
Access Tech: Is your company ready to seize the new tech opportunities in 2024?

Companies like Deloitte, Gartner, and Telarus have released their top 2024 tech trends that organizations need to explore. These trends will drive significant opportunities for CIOs and other IT leaders in the upcoming year. Has your company started thinking about what’s the next tech step to take? 

Sustainable Technology 

Sustainable technology is a framework of digital solutions used to enable environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes that support long-term ecological balance and human rights. It is critical to ensure that the use of IT becomes more efficient, circular and sustainable.  

The rise of localized cloud solutions 

Amid geopolitical tensions and an upsurge in cyber threats, localized cloud solutions are emerging as a strategic imperative. Markets for government clouds and distributed clouds are expected to surpass US $41 billion and US $7 billion, respectively. 

The bandwidth plateau: The end of the bitrate race 

The constant demand for increased internet speeds may be reaching its peak. At least 90% of the most-used applications will not demand higher bitrates in 2024 compared to 2023. At least 80% of these applications may see no increase to the vendor-recommended bitrate for the two-year period between 2023 and 2025. 

The pervasive role of smartphones in authentication 

By 2024, smartphones will be integral to secure authentication, revolutionizing aspects from online logins to physical access controls. The two-factor authentication) process will primarily use smartphones for one-time password (OTP) delivery, building on the estimated 1.7 trillion OTP messages sent in 2022 that generated US $26 billion in network traffic. 

Trusted advisors are crucial 

Half of CXOs surveyed allocate 25% or less of their spending to the channel or consultancies. However, they highly value expertise and are open to assistance in procurement and streamlining the purchasing process. Trusted advisors will help leaders make informed decisions. 

As your organization charts your 2024 course, embracing these strategic technology trends will be key to navigating disruption, unlocking new opportunities, and fostering resilience in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Contact us at Access Tech where we can help you jumpstart your 2024! 

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