Access Tech spreads holiday cheer 

December 27, 2023

The holidays are a great time for most families with presents, family feasts, and more. However, it is important to acknowledge that not everyone has the same privileges of celebrating Christmas. Access Tech’s Operation Manager, Heather Adams, knows that not everyone can have the holiday cheer and Christmas she and her family have. Heather has been an Angel with the Christmas Family Adoption Foundation program since 2016.  

In 2002, founder Mike Burright realized that a local family with two small children wouldn’t have the Christmas every family deserves unless he stepped in. He asked his family and friends for donations of toys, clothing, and household essentials. The Christmas Family Adoption Foundation (CFAF) was born. Within two years, they were up to 55 families helped, and by 2010, they expanded the program into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that today has helped thousands of families in the Portland, Salem, and Vancouver metro areas.  

Every holiday season, Heather and her family adopt another family to provide them with gifts and food to spread the Christmas spirit. This year, Heather has the honor of donating to a family of a single father and his daughter.  As a single parent herself, she and her kids gravitate towards supporting other single-parent families.  

“I love Christmas beyond all other holidays. It gives us such joy to be able to be able to help another family. Christmas is about family, friends, love, togetherness, good food, tasty treats, and, especially when you’re a kid, gifts. Everyone has struggles in their lives and if we can ease the burden for one parent and make a few kids smile along the way during this most special time of year then it is worth every penny spent.” – Heather Adams 

Access Tech: Will you be an Angel next Christmas?

Heather Adams’ Christmas card

Access Tech believes in giving back to the community and using our own privileges to benefit others to spread holiday cheer. We are extremely proud of Heather and her work with the Christmas Family Adoption organization.  

Learn more and become an Angel. 

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