Quishing: What you need to know about QR code email attacks

November 29, 2023
Access Tech: Is your business protected from QR code attacks?

In today’s digital age, the constant evolution of technology aims to improve the convenience of our personal and professional lives. Quick Response (QR) code has been one such advancement. While QR codes have made our daily lives easier, they have also opened new avenues for cybercriminals to exploit. Also known as quishing, QR code phishing attacks are on the rise and present a significant threat to users and organizations alike.

How cybercriminals are using QR codes in email attacks

Hackers use QR codes in email attacks to trick recipients into visiting malicious websites or downloading malware onto their devices. These attacks typically involve social engineering tactics designed to exploit the trust that people often place in emails. Here are some examples of the tactics that cybercriminals are using:

  • Phishing links: Attackers use QR codes in phishing emails to trick users into visiting fake pages, which seem legitimate. Users often unknowingly input their login credentials, which the attacker captures. Fake QR codes can also lead to bogus surveys or forms, requesting personal details like name, address, or Social Security numbers. Some victims are enticed with false promises of rewards or prizes in exchange for information or a small payment.
  • Malware downloads: QR codes can link victims to malicious websites that automatically download malware onto the victim’s device when scanned. This malware can allow attackers to steal data or take control of a compromised device.
  • Compromised devices: QR codes can also be used to open payment sites, follow social media accounts, and even send pre-written email messages from victims’ accounts. This means that hackers can easily impersonate their victims, targeting others in their contact directory.

QR code attacks are becoming more common. The best way to defend your business against these attacks is through enhancing your cyber security and providing training for your staff. Contact us at Access Tech where we have been helping businesses defend their data for years.

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