Access Tech joins Benefit Corporations for Good 

October 20, 2023
Access Tech: Access Tech joins Benefit Corporations for Good.

We are excited to announce that Access Tech has been certified by the Benefit Corporations for Good. Joining other businesses in the Oregon area, Access Tech is recognized for our commitment to “People over Profits”.  

Practicing the 3 P’s of “People, Planet and Profit” is at the very heart of benefit corporations. From the environment to equity, Access Tech is focused on the greater good in their businesses, communities and in Oregon. 

With leading scores in diversity, leadership, and customer relations, Access Tech is committed to upholding and improving on the Benefit Corporations for Good’s high standards.  

Hear from our President, Trey Lackey: 

“Our team reflects our customers, and our customers reflect our team — all involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds, and of different genders and orientations. This gives diversity of thoughts, perspectives and experiences that makes the work and business so interesting. Individually we are exceptional, together we are extraordinary.” 

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