5G for Redundant Internet Connectivity  

August 23, 2023
Access Tech: Consider 5G as an efficient backup connection choice due to its high speed (up to 200 Mpps upload) and cost-effectiveness compared to wired services.

Having a backup Internet connection for your business is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Reliance on online services and cloud-based tools has made uninterrupted connectivity a necessity. The potential costs associated with an Internet outage can vary significantly based on the size of your organization, your business operations, and the extent of your online activities — an Internet outage could cost your company between $2,300 to $9,000 per minute.

Would your enterprise rely entirely on a wireless 5G network for its entire network infrastructure? No. However, 5G is growing in popularity as a backup internet connectivity option. 

When considering 5G as a backup internet solution, there are both advantages and disadvantages. The setup time for a 5G connection is significantly faster compared to the process of acquiring a traditional dedicated circuit. All that’s required is obtaining a router, inserting a SIM card, and you’re ready to establish the connection. Since 5G is wireless, you don’t need to worry about minor fiber disruptions cutting your network off and causing downtime. 

5G is a smart choice for a backup connection because it provides fast speed (up to 200 Mpps upload) at lower costs than wired line services. It is fast and easy to install. If meter caps are holding you back, no worries! Access Tech’s 5G offering has no data caps, leaving you to use all the data you need at no extra cost.  

What’s next? Contact us Access Tech is here to help you navigate Internet connections as well as affordable wireless backup options. We have saved our clients $1000 per month by replacing an expensive backup fiber connection with a fully diverse redundant 5G service that could be turned up in a matter of days. As customers rely more on the cloud and remote connectivity, reliable Internet is vital. Get a head start and qualify your location for 5G today! 

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