Access Tech Talks Transit: Washington State Public Transportation Conference 

August 16, 2023
Access Tech: The significance of public transportation in furnishing effective and environmentally friendly mobility choices for communities cannot be overstated.

The annual Washington State Public Transportation Conference, Vendor Expo and State Roadeo was held by the Washington State Transit Association (WSTA) on August 12 to August 15, 2023, in Vancouver, WA. This year, Oregon’s Transit Association was invited as a special guest as well.  

The conference brought the brightest minds in the transportation industry together to share their insights and ideas, to explore the latest technologies, and to discover new ways to enhance the transportation sector. WSTA dove into the many aspects of transportation, discussing topics such as sustainable transportation, innovative modes of transportation, and the latest advancements in technology.  

President of Access Tech, Trey Lackey had the privilege of attending WSTA’s event with Kevin Chambers, Independent Transportation Technology Consultant at Full Path Transit Technology

Kevin Chambers and Trey Lackey

Trey experienced transit leaders coming together with the goal of making public transit available to everyone, improving community health, reducing pollution, and stimulating economic growth. The vendor fair included software and hardware for buses, riders, and operators. Trey attended breakout sessions on AI in transportation, safety, and compliance.  

Panel at Washington State Public Transportation Conference

The lunch panel was outstandingly moderated by the executive Director of the Wahington State Transit Association, Justin Leighton and included panelist Claudia Balducci, King County Council Member & Sound Transit Board Member, and Amy Scarton, Deputy Secretary at Washington State Department of Transportation. Trey wrapped up day with a mixer that included food and drinks and tour of the latest technology in electric vehicles. 

Access Tech is grateful to have attended the annual Washington State Public Transportation Conference, Vendor Expo and State Roadeo. It was inspiring and exciting to hear what is coming next in public transportation.  

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