What is 5G and how can it help with my business?

August 9, 2023
Access Tech: What is 5G and how can it help your business?

As 5G networks expand and technology continues to evolve, the benefits will only increase. To remain competitive, businesses must grasp the potential that 5G offers. Embracing 5G opens doors to innovation and creativity, unlocking new avenues for business growth and success. But what is 5G? 

5G is the fifth generation of wireless cellular technology with higher upload and download speeds, consistent connections, and increased capacity compared to previous mobile networks. 5G delivers multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, enhanced reliability, and massive network capacity.   


Staying connected is essential for all businesses. What do businesses expect when adopting advanced wireless internet? 

What Can 5G Do for Business? 

Replace Expensive Wired Cable with Highly Reliable Cellular Connections 

With 5G coverage increasing and the emergence of private 5G networks, businesses are “cutting the cable” for cellular 5G. It accelerates the time-to-value of their IoT initiatives, allowing them to swiftly implement and capitalize on new projects. 5G presents an opportunity to reduce expenses by eliminating costly wired installations and ongoing maintenance efforts. More and more companies are expected to shift towards cellular 5G connectivity for various business applications, taking advantage of its cost-effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency over traditional wired connections. The advantages are cost effectiveness and speed of installation. It may also reach some areas where fiber or wired line services are not available 

Improve Data Transmission Speed 

5G surpasses 4G LTE in data transmission speeds exponentially. While 4G can typically handle up to 100 Mbps, 5G offers speeds of 1 Gbps or higher, reaching multi-gigabit speeds in crowded locations and city centers. The true advantage of 5G’s increased speed lies in time savings and larger data volume that networks can handle within the same bandwidth. Downloading volumes of data produced by different applications will require faster and more flexible networks to achieve the desired results. 5G makes that possible. 4G is typically 25 down and 5 up. 

Lower Latency Enables Business Improvements 

The ultra-low latency that is possible with 5G communication is essential in a variety of applications like voice and video. In industries with operations at remote worksites, low latency 5G connections allow companies to maintain a high level of service and worker safety, while increasing time reducing time to resolution and operational cost. For example, a new technician on a job could be directly supervised and instructed by a top professional via augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) without the added expense of sending the expert out to the site.  

4.Increase Device Capacity 

Network device capacity on 4G networks is a fraction of what 5G can handle. The added capacity that 5G for business offers enables companies to scale their IoT deployments like never before. 5G for business offers better reliability and insights that would not be possible using previous wireless network technologies. 

See what 5G can do for your business. Contact us today! We will qualify your location for you, discuss ways 5G can improve your business, and provide the best options. Access Tech has been helping clients for decades stay connected. 

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