5 Levels of security operations center maturity

July 26, 2023
Access Tech: Do you have a Security Operations Center set up to help protect your data?

Security operations center (SOC) has emerged as a critical strategy for protecting client networks. While security software tools can help prevent some attacks, the SOC offers the threat detection, investigation and response capabilities necessary to fend off complex attacks. By leveraging data and insights acquired from past incidents, the SOC establishes protective measures and operational protocols to proactively prepare for future episodes. 

Not all SOCs are created equal. Trusted providers need to evaluate the maturity level of the security operations center they consider doing business with.  

A SOC must offer more than just monitoring and alerting — it must provide experience, breadth of security coverage, advanced analysis and modern tools for protecting your clients. 

Security Operations Center (SOC) Level Primer 

Understanding the differences between various SOC maturity levels can be the key to ensuring their digital assets are well-protected. Those include: 

Level 1: Basic 

  • SOC operates during business hours 
  • Team of analysts with foundational network security and operating systems skills  
  • May have certifications: Security+ and Network+ 
  • Processes and technology are relatively simple 

Level 2: Intermediate 

Level 3: Advanced 

  • Operates 24/7  
  • Specialized team with skills in cloud computing, endpoint security, auditing and threat analysis as well as familiarity with various adversary attack tactics and techniques.  
  • Key certifications at this level include AWS cloud practitioner and Azure fundamentals 
  • Intermediate endpoint tools and malware sandboxing 
  • Team manually maintains “allow and block” lists for better control over network traffic 

Level 4: Optimized 

Level 5: Innovative 

  • Operates 24/7 
  • Utilizes a “follow-the-sun” model with specialized, geographically distributed teams 
  • Team with comprehensive skill set covering all aspects of defensive and offensive security tools and development and AI/ML expertise 
  • Programming skills widely used in cybersecurity for tasks such as automating incident response, data analysis, machine learning/AI and threat modeling, leveraging a state-of-the-art security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) and threat intelligence platform (TIP) 

Get started on your SOC journey and get around the clock security. Contact us at Access Tech where we’ll take an assessment of your business and further the protection of your network and data.  

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