Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Defense while Reducing Costs

June 7, 2023
Access Tech: Cybersecurity should always be a top priority, but you don't need to break the bank to get upscale security.

The global wave of organizational cutbacks does not spare the field of cybersecurity. More and more organizations are turning to external service providers to meet their cybersecurity needs. 

A recent survey conducted by CensusWide on behalf of HackerOne, a platform connecting ethical hackers, sheds light on the situation. The survey gathered responses from 100 cybersecurity professionals in the U.S. and revealed that 39 percent of organizations had reduced their security headcount in the past year. 40 percent are planning to make similar cuts in the coming 12 months. 34 percent have reduced their security budgets, with a quarter of organizations planning to continue cutting cybersecurity budgets in the next year. 

Most organizations find themselves caught in a cybersecurity dilemma. They are increasingly aware of the potential devastating impacts of cyber-attacks but lack the necessary resources to build a robust defense. Trusted providers offer a middle-ground alternative that strengthens defenses while reducing overall costs. At the core of this approach lies the simple fact that the trusted provider assumes the cost of cybersecurity labor. 

Increased demand for XDR 

The demand for managed security services has fueled the rise of Extended Detection & Response (XDR). Trusted providers face mounting customer expectations, requiring them to deliver comprehensive XDR services that secure the entire attack surface—from network-connected endpoints to cloud computing platforms hosting applications. 

Trusted providers primarily focused on providing monitoring services and alerting customers. However, these alerts often lacked the necessary context to be actionable. Today, trusted providers are being asked to offer XDR services, which are more expensive to deliver. Forward-thinking trusted providers seek partnerships with vendors that offer a complete suite of comprehensive cybersecurity services. Reselling a customized set of existing XDR services has become more economically sensible. 

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