AI and Data Management: Opportunities and Challenges for Trusted Partners 

April 26, 2023
Access Tech: Can AI successfully and accurately read your data?

Artificial intelligence has led to a growing recognition of the importance of data for business. A study of 4,777 business leaders revealed that 90% of them consider data to be a crucial factor in gaining a competitive advantage. 95% of business leaders anticipate that generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems, like ChatGPT, will bring a new era of enterprise intelligence. 

Companies have difficulty managing their data. The efficacy of AI models deployed by these organizations is heavily reliant on the quality of the underlying data. For instance, ChatGPT’s response accuracy has been called into question due to the use of Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback. Research organization OpenAI hired individuals to compare results from two variations of the language model in an attempt to mitigate bias and toxicity, but with limited success. ChatGPT may fail to differentiate between factual data, propaganda, hate speech, marketing campaigns, and outright disinformation. 

Data management skills will drive opportunities 

The most significant impact from a trusted partner perspective is the need for data management expertise. Data engineers are already among the most in-demand IT professionals, indicating that the demand for their services will soon surpass their supply. This presents trusted partners with an opportunity to close this skills gap.  

Trusted partners should start developing their data management skills. AI model developers and their employers would prefer not to spend their valuable time managing data. A trusted partner that can assume this responsibility would be incredibly valuable. 

Moreover, given that AI models will soon augment every type of application, the data management potential for trusted partners is limitless. Contact us at Access Tech where we will review your current data management and provide solutions to improve.  

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