The Future of Network Security: Cybersecurity  

April 5, 2023
How cyber ready are you?

As new trends emerge in both cyber-attacks and defenses every year, we have decided to list our predictions for the top network security trends of 2023 and beyond. 

Zero Trust Becomes the Starting Point for Security 

The goal of zero trust is to eliminate the main culprits of data breaches and other security incidents: implicit trust and excessive permissions. Eliminating blind trust and limiting access with the least privileges necessary, makes this harder for an attacker to achieve. 

Security Simplification Picks Up Steam 

Cyber criminals are more adept at targeting and exploiting weaknesses in networks and applications. Addressing these threats with an array of standalone products is unproductive, unscalable and is an ineffective approach to network security.  

Faster Adoption of SASE 

Legacy perimeter-based security architectures have become unsustainable, forcing organizations to decide between reliable network connectivity and in-depth security. Such modern networks require a converged, cloud-delivered architecture that is reliable and resilient; This can only be achieved with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Expansion of Targeted Ransomware Attacks 

Ransomware has proven to be an extremely profitable enterprise for cyber criminals — identifying the weaker, more vulnerable targets and pushing them to the edge.  

IoT Will See More Cyberattacks 

As Internet of Things (IoT) devices will increasingly be used to collect, process, and store sensitive business data. These devices have weak passwords, unpatched vulnerabilities, and other security issues. 

Cyber Resilience Becomes an Executive Priority 

Cybercriminals are increasingly moving toward attacks focused on business disruption. Companies are compromised as cybercriminals threaten their ability to operate and maintain profitability. Investing in preventive solutions can mitigate these risks and makes good strategic, financial sense. 

What These Predictions Mean for Enterprises 

In 2023, the evolution of the cybersecurity landscape will drive the evolution of corporate security platforms. Legacy security architectures will need to be replaced with solutions designed for modern, more dynamic IT architecture and rapidly evolving cyber threats. Let us help you drive your business to a more secure future. Contact us at Access Tech to schedule a complimentary call to review your current security posture.  

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