2023 spotlight: Cloud Security

March 22, 2023
Access Tech: How secure if your cloud data?

A survey of 350 IT leaders from large enterprises finds that 59 percent believe that moving to the cloud has made their enterprises less secure. 79 percent also questioned whether their companies are applying consistent levels of cloud security policy enforcement. 68 percent said their organization’s security skill sets across all clouds was only “somewhat mature”. Overall, 75 percent described cloud computing as the single greatest expansion of the enterprise attack surface in the last 20 years. How secure is your cloud? 

Highly operationalized cloud security practices can prevent mistakes 

Developers with little cybersecurity expertise typically provision cloud resources and then deploy applications without the essential expertise needed. Most deployments of applications in an on-premises IT environment are handled by a centralized team that review settings for misconfigurations. Many organizations that deploy applications in the cloud have not yet been able to define and maintain a similar set of best practices. Developers rush to meet application deployment deadlines and tend to skip or at least minimize the amount of time that should be devoted to ensuring cloud security. 

IT departments can bridge the gap between developers and cybersecurity teams 

IT personnel that want to manage cloud security effectively will need to spend some time reassuring developers that everything is constructed from the bottom up with lots of opportunity for each developer to have personal input. There will be tradeoffs, but the key is always getting as much of the development team as possible to buy into them before they are made. 

Moving to the cloud is a big step for companies. Make sure that your company’s IT department is skilled and trained to ensure your cloud security. Take the next step and partner with professionals who have the expertise in cloud security. Contact us at Access Tech where we can put your security stress at ease. We have been working with companies for over a decade to connect business strategy with IT solutions.  

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