9 trends for 2023 that organizations can’t afford to ignore

March 15, 2023
Access Tech: With rise in AI, skill shortages, economic uncertainty, and more, companies need to keep their eye out for these trends and how it may end up affecting their business.

Heading into 2023 it’s hard to predict with any certainty what might come next. Inflation may be slowing thanks in part to a sharp rise in interest rates. There are, however, 9 technology and business trends that need to be at the forefront of business planning and decisions. 

The 9 technology and business trends: 

  • The Skills Shortage: The skills shortage for IT expertise has become so chronic that many internal IT teams are now co-managing services alongside trusted partners.  
  • Economic Uncertainty: Economic downturns have increased demand for external IT services which has often been countercyclical to economic growth. 
  • Digital Transformation: Organizations are cutting back on the number of digital business transformation initiatives launched and leaders have come to realize how dependent their organizations are on IT. 
  • Cloud Data Growth: Organizations are increasingly dependent on external services to manage data. Reining in the cost of processing and storing all that data has become a much higher priority. 
  • More Cyberattacks: Cyberattacks will only increase, and security IT positions are not being filled. The only way to effectively combat cybersecurity threats is to rely more on trusted partners like Access Tech. 
  • Increased Regulation: The pace at which new regulations are being created is increasing. The need to comply with regulations results in more demand for external IT services. 
  • Rise of Edge Computing: The challenge organizations face is the lack of ability to effectively manage a fleet of distributed computing platforms at scale. Increased reliance on trusted partners is all but inevitable. 
  • Beyond Monitoring: As IT environments become more complex, the need to be able to proactively identify anomalies indicative of a potential disruption to mission-critical IT services is rising. 
  • AI Surges: Advances in artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT are now coming at a steady rate, showing how a wide range of processes will be automated. The challenge is that the AI models that drive these processes need to be trained and deployed using processes collectively known as machine learning operations (MLOps). 

There is already no doubt 2023 will be one of the most transformative years in the history of organizations and trusted partners as the ways IT is consumed continue to evolve. These are the trends your company cannot ignore. Contact us at Access Tech where we can provide you with a company assessment and recommendations to make improvements to your company.

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