WFH: Home network security becomes a bigger concern 

February 8, 2023
Access Tech: These issues create an avenue for cybercriminals to get into your company’s data, sometimes even undetected. How secure are you?

The number of people regularly working from home are relying on consumer-grade networking gear to access a wide range of corporate applications. The issue that gets overlooked is the device being used to access those applications is only one of many connected to that home network. In fact, Xfinity reports that on average there are now 15 connected devices per home, a 25 percent increase from 2020. Post-holidays, that number has increased. 

The challenge that results from a cybersecurity perspective is two-fold. The first issue is how often the home network is used to access corporate applications. More than three quarters of the customers (78 percent) surveyed admit to risky online behaviors such as reusing or sharing passwords or skipping software updates. Under a third (32 percent) said they aren’t sure they’d ever know if they were a victim of a cyberattack. 

IoT devices are a hot target for cybercrime 

The second concern is all the Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to that home network. Cybercriminals are now targeting these devices in the hopes that malware will move laterally across a home network before being deposited in an IT environment that is being remotely accessed.  

Home network ransomware threats remain high 

Most business and IT leaders are at least aware of the potential cybersecurity threat home networks represent but few are entirely sure how best to address the issue. Far too many are still dependent on virtual private networks (VPNs) that have known cybersecurity flaws. Others are simply hoping an Internet Service Provider (ISP) will protect them. 

If an issue does arise, the expectation is that an internal IT team will be able to quickly contain a breach. The trouble is malware can spread widely long before being activated so that odds a ransomware attack might be enabled via a home network are high. 

Trusted partners to expand their reach 

All these connected devices in the home create a clear opportunity for trusted partners like Access Tech to expand the reach and scope of the cybersecurity services they provide. The challenge is packaging those services in a way that makes it simpler for an organization to consume them on behalf of employees working from home rather than a traditional office. 

Access Tech can help you package these services that will best fit your needs without breaking your budget. As our whole company works remotely from home, we have seen the gaps within our own security, and we’ve filled them. With our personal experience along with our technical expertise, we are more than capable and equipped to aid your company in your security. Contact us today for a complimentary 15-minute meeting to start a discussion.  

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