Let’s talk: 6 Cybersecurity conversation starters 

December 28, 2022
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For IT personnel trying to expand the reach of their services with existing organizations, initiating a cybersecurity conversation around the need for solutions and services can be challenging. This is often because organizations believe that their cybersecurity needs are already being met, or they are hesitant to admit that they suspect they may be unprepared. 

Yet, these are important discussions, particularly since cyberattacks could ultimately harm an organization and create challenges support in the aftermath of an attack. If an organization is not taking security seriously enough, then any system their IT department has provided is vulnerable. 

One key thing to remember is that organizations rarely want to have a product/service conversation; they want to know about solutions, value and business outcomes. As IT personnel, there is some responsibility to help organizations reduce risk. Security is also an essential driver of technology spending, so an informed approach will help ensure organizations are getting the most bang for their buck. 

So, how do you get started? Make sure to factor industry-specific issues and have some idea of specific pain points or anxieties that a good security solution can help to alleviate. 

A few good cybersecurity conversation starters would include: 

  • No one is immune to cyberattacks. Regardless of the organization’s size or the industry, everyone is now a target of cybercriminals.  
  • Cyberattacks are increasingly costly. The average cost of a data breach in the United States is roughly $9.4 million. A single attack can potentially put a company out of business. 
  • Employees are your weakest link. In a study by the World Economic Forum, 95% of cybersecurity issues can be traced back to human error. Therefore, ensuring that employees are educated on the latest cyberattack trends and basic cybersecurity hygiene — such as using strong passwords, identifying phishing scams and more — is crucial.  
  • A holistic approach requires more than just prevention. A comprehensive security solution should include prevention, automated detection and containment components, education and training, and a plan for backing up data and restoring operations. 
  • Cybersecurity is a journey and not a solution. The IT environment is constantly evolving, and the attack vector has grown significantly over the years. Organizations must be vigilant and constantly evaluate their cybersecurity posture to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in their environment.  
  • Most companies need cybersecurity help. When it comes to small businesses in particular, most companies do not have the internal resources to address cyberattacks effectively. A reliable security partner is better equipped and can provide greater value at a lower cost than hiring more employees, with the benefit of 24/7 protection and monitoring. 

IT departments and their organizations can have successful conversations about cybersecurity by providing consistent messaging around the inevitability of cyberattacks. Additionally, having a trusted partner like Access Tech can help in identifying these vulnerabilities and emphasize how critical security is when it comes to business continuity. Access Tech has been helping customers for decades with their cybersecurity needs. Contact us today to start or improve your cybersecurity journey. 

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