Cost of the cloud: Who’s paying?  

November 2, 2022
Access Tech: How much do you spend on cloud costs? Are you using all the features you pay for?

How much money do you spend? When it comes to big purchases with your business, we are specific and meticulous with what we are paying for. However, unexpected costs always find a way into our business costs, burning holes in our wallets. As we move deeper into a digital world, the cloud has become a popular hub for businesses to compute, store, and organize data. But how much are you really spending on cloud costs; are you paying for more when you use less?  

Sudden cloud costs 

A survey of 1,000 developers found that 37 percent of respondents have been subjected to unexpected costs in the last year. These costs can be due to many things like a mistake or configuration change. It becomes difficult to calculate what you will be charged for each month as challenging service areas to monitor costs include data transfer, computing, storage, and on-demand instances. In an analysis, 700 organizations found that they could be spending as much as $400,000 extra each year.  

Organizations are struggling to control cloud costs. Due to the pandemic, the number of workloads being deployed in the cloud by IT departments naturally spiked as remote work became more popular. Now that most organizations have adjusted to a new IT reality, many are starting to become aware of cloud computing costs.  

Finance vs IT: Who’s paying? 

The root of this overspending is a need to enable developers to programmatically spin up cloud resources on demand, to accelerate application development efforts. As cloud resources are increasingly squandered, it’s only a matter of time before finance leaders start asking questions.  

Developers are always going to be suspicious of data collected by an internal IT team, especially those that may view the cloud as a threat to their jobs. Finance leaders are not likely to fully trust either party – it’s always going to be important to verify. It’s not so much that one party will rig their analysis one way or another to prove a point, as much as it is there is always going to be a level of bias in the underlying assumptions that a trusted third-party can make clear to all concerned. 

Don’t spend more money if you don’t have to. Access Tech believes in getting what you pay for and understands the impact unexpected costs have on a business. Contact us at Access Tech where we can examine your current cloud costs and discover extra costs. We have been helping businesses with their cloud costs for over a decade and can assist you in improving your current plan or finding a brand new one to fit your business needs.  

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