Not too hot, not too cold, just right: Scaling the cloud

August 24, 2022
Access Tech: Are you using what you're paying for? Make sure your cloud plan is just right for your business needs.

Today, business leaders are trying to find ways to go beyond growth and achieve scalability. Growing businesses require more people, supplies, locations, and resources to increase revenue, while scalable businesses can significantly increase revenue while minimizing their investment in underlying resources. Therefore, the Cloud has been a key player in today’s businesses, with 67% of business leaders believing that by 2025, physical in-person collaboration will be completely replaced by virtual collaboration. Cloud scalability and solutions have made it possible to minimize or eliminate the need to invest in and devote ongoing resources to on-premises IT infrastructure, lowering operating costs and making it easier to match resources to actual demand.  

The cloud can handle more workloads with incremental and fully planned increases in storage, processing power, and networking. It enables stable, longer-term growth in a pre-planned manner with little disruption or downtime. Businesses that experience variable and unpredictable workloads benefit from a cloud solution because it automatically adapts to match resources with demand as closely as possible, in real time. 

More than two-thirds of data and IT platforms are virtual and/or in the cloud with the rest remaining in physical/on-premises services. Companies that move to the cloud are no longer tied down by obsolete equipment and benefit from cloud scalability. Their systems are agile and can respond and adapt to how the business changes and grows. IT departments can update systems and increase power and storage with ease. 

The cloud delivers convenience with just a few clicks, like adding more processing power or storage capacity without delay. Organizations can also avoid the upfront costs of purchasing expensive equipment that will inevitably become outdated in a few years. 

With cloud scalability, companies can ensure availability for critical applications during unplanned outages and reduce disaster recovery costs. Unifying security, governance and compliance becomes easier with cloud services by deploying consistent data management and security policies across entire IT environments. 

Prepare for growth 

It is important to optimize your use of the cloud to achieve your growth strategy. The key to maximizing the value of the cloud is all about “right-sizing” to your business requirements. It is crucial to scale strategically with future increases and decreases in demand. Another factor to keep in mind is cost. As you scale up and consume more resources, costs increase. Cloud users tend to rack up bills because they did not plan or monitor scalability.  

Partnering with trusted professionals will ensure that your company only pays for what you need — no extra costs and no additional features that go to waste. Access Tech can properly guide you through all these considerations of how much storage is needed, what applications work best for your company, the lowest costs for your essentials, and more. We understand the cloud can be scary, even daunting, but we are here to help ease the move. We’ve been helping customers for more than a decade move to the cloud without breaking the bank. Contact us today for a free consultation where we can assess your business needs and help achieve your goals.  

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