SD-WAN to keep you safe and secure

June 22, 2022

Safety and security has become the top concern for businesses. Hybrid work that calls for data to be shared not just in office, but in personal locations as well is one big reason. SD-WAN has been able to help with the fears of security breaches through updated models that use AI to determine what constitutes a potential, harmful risk and stop it before it can cause damage.  

Organizations must take a “security first” mindset and view security as an enabler to improving the business itself. Making security a priority will drive internal conversations at the early stage of a project. In an IDC survey, 58% of global respondents reported that they felt much more vulnerable to security breaches because of their organization’s move to a multi-cloud environment. 

Source: IDC

Security investments should be focused on the specific needs of the business, and risks and should be fully considered at the outset of any project. Modern SD-WAN can deliver security capabilities across the enterprise without requiring the expansion of an on-premises security ecosystem, which can drastically decrease the time it takes for deployment and complexity. Many are considering innovative approaches such as Pervasive Application Edge Defense (PAED) and other frameworks such as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). These approaches recognize that applications are a key control point for security and that keeping sets of applications secure all the way to the edge moves towards a fully integrated security framework that can recognize and integrate application-centric security. The convergence of these tightly integrated security components enables the ability to unify user or group policies across the entirety of an organization’s security and provides a single reporting mechanism.  

SD-WAN joining forces with security is becoming a strategic imperative for organizations of all sizes because it optimizes the remote work environment, enhances connectivity to hybrid cloud, and facilitates access to applications from anywhere in a secure fashion. At Access Tech, we prioritize connectivity and security. We know how scary it can be to move to the cloud and can provide insight into which SD-WAN works best for your company and its needed security so you can avoid a costly breach. Contact us at Access Tech to start or continue your SD-WAN journey. We have been helping customers for over 12 years to connect their business strategy with IT solutions.

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