SD-WAN redundancy and resiliency in action 

June 8, 2022
Access Tech: Implementing SD-WAN into your network can improve your speeds, productivity, and securely connect you to whoever, wherever, whenever.

Every business has the goal of expanding and growing. This may involve expanding into new markets with new branches or a larger workforce working remotely. It is important for the technology tools that teams use like voice, video file sharing and other line of business applications to be accessible and easy from anywhere at any time. This requires reliable, fast and stable Internet. How do you help ensure that the experience is secure and predictable?  

For one of our clients, having unstable internet between their branches created difficulties. With 15 offices and 70 transmitter sites, they struggled with managing different types of Internet including 3G/4G, satellite, DSL, cable, and fiber over different carriers with no ability to manage or even monitor the performance of Internet at each site. The IT staff would need to spend extra time and money troubleshooting poor application performance when the issue was frequently with the Internet Service Provider (ISP). With the various Internet providers, it was difficult to manage their Internet with clarity and predictability.  

Through implementing SD-WAN into their business, which gave them a centralized hub to manage all their internet connections. They can now view real-time statistics on throughput and latency making troubleshooting faster and easier. By compiling the needs of all the different branches, Access Tech guided this client towards the adoption of SD-WAN leading to more productivity, easier communication, and most importantly, a centralized base for all their internet needs. By installing the correct, additional tools, SD-WAN gave them visibility to more easily and effectively manage their remote equipment, allowing for quicker troubleshooting and recovery when issues arose. SD-WAN was the solution to make the company’s internet more manageable, low cost, and reliable.  

Access Tech understands the need for stable internet connection. As a company who has a distributed team, we rely on the internet to keep our business running smoothly and to communicate with our clients. SD-WAN provides us the stable bandwidth for video, email, file share, and more with no interruptions. Contact us at Access Tech for a free assessment of your current internet connection, where we can then offer you the best support and guidance to update your business. We have been helping customers for twelve years connect business strategy to IT solutions. 

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