Can you survive an Internet outage? 

May 11, 2022

You might be thinking, “Why should I care about SD-WAN? My internet is pretty stable. I haven’t had any issues so far.” That’s what many businesses think. But just because something isn’t broken, doesn’t mean improvements can be made. One of our clients thought their internet was fine as is, but experienced a serious internet outage that led to big losses in productivity and money. Here’s what happened and how we helped: 

Our client is a fifty attorney law firm. A forty minute Internet outage in the middle of a Tuesday cost them over $16,000. Lost productivity with attorneys that were in courtrooms waiting for briefs to be emailed, others talking with clients on the phone, legal assistants performing online research and receptionists answering phones. All communication stopped in an instant. Taking into consideration the loss to reputation that cost is even higher. Additional time and money was spent identifying the issue and then working with IT and the Internet service providers to troubleshoot and fix the problem. By building in redundancy and resiliency with multiple Internet connections and SD WAN, the risk of our client being 100% offline is all but gone. An investment in SD WAN is a fraction of what downtime can cost. 

With SD WAN the firm stays productive in the event of:  

  • ISP outage 
  • Scheduled or unscheduled maintenance on the carrier network 
  • Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) or cyber attacks  
  • Human error such as a cable cut 
  • Hardware problems or failure on the carrier’s router, modem, or network equipment 
  • Power outage 
  • Congestion on any single link 
  • Spikes in latency or packet loss that make the any one ISP’s internet unstable unusable 
  • Capacity (by looking at historical usage they can right size capacity on what the firm’s bandwidth needs are) 

Access Tech knows that internet failover is not one-size-fits-all. Knowing the real impact of an outage and your readiness is necessary to know your risks. Access Tech understands how to align the best in class ISP’s and SD WAN solutions that align with your business’s objectives. Contact us at Access Tech where we can guide you through the process of understanding your risk and solutions to help avoid the excessive costs of downtime. We have been helping customers for over a decade connect business strategy with IT solutions.