Tomorrow is Change Your Password Day!

January 31, 2022
Insights from Access TechDo you have that one great password that you love? It’s your go-to when creating a new account. You love it because it’s reliable and usually tied to a fond memory like the street you grew up on, or your childhood pet. I am so sorry to inform you but… It is time to change it…  Tomorrow is February 1 and that means it is Change Your Password Day. In existence since February 1, 2012, Change Your Password Day, was created by the American web portal GIZMODO. While this may be the hardest thing you do today, I can promise you this change will be much easier than having to deal with identity theft. As a reminder, make sure you only change your password in a secure environment and not in public, free Wi-Fi spots. Take a few minutes for yourself, get creative… you will be glad you did… Use this link to access my calendar and schedule a 30 minute call with me. Best Regards, Trey Lackey