Cybersecurity in 2022: Are you protected? 

January 26, 2022
Access Tech: With the new year comes new hacks. Is your business prepared for what hackers have in store for 2022?

With the new year, many of us reflect on 2021: what went well and what went wrong. I reflect on who I trust my data with. As a former University of California student, the UC hack of 2021 leaked my social security onto the dark web, awaiting to be purchased for someone to steal my identity. Thankfully nothing has happened, but the hack has left me vulnerable and in a constant state of worry, especially in the new year.  

Who trusts you with their data? In 2022, improve your cybersecurity system. Hackers and their tactics are developing. In 2021, Forbes reported an average of 26,000 incidents per day, leading to an average 4.24 million dollar cost on a data breach. What are cybersecurity threats looking like in 2022?  

Evolving ransomware  

With new strategies, hackers are beginning to enhance and shorten how long it takes for them to breach data. Here are tactics commonly used depending on your company size.  

Source: Coveware

Make sure your cybersecurity is constantly improving to combat evolving ransomware. 

Working from home 

Businesses will have to continue to offer work-from-home opportunities while the pandemic continues to run rampant in 2022. However, work-from-home leaves a lot of extra networks waiting to be hacked. Educate your people, enable multifactor authentication, test your systems, and monitor threat intelligence.   

Software and Websites 

Legacy software, although standing the test of time, has also been around long enough for hackers to pinpoint weaknesses. Software isn’t the only thing to look out for, social media is making itself a larger part in marketing for businesses. Both LinkedIn and Facebook experienced breaches last year that left millions at risk. Make sure what you’re downloading and the websites you visit are protected.   

It’s projected that breaches and cybersecurity incidents will ensnare the smaller “mom and pop” businesses. How can you move your business from the number one target? It’s the biggest risk that businesses, including ours, are facing. We want to make sure that we are the gold standard for security. We can look at your cybersecurity framework and determine what capabilities they have today, along with where the gaps lie. Contact Access Tech today for a free Security scan and to have a larger conversation about how we help businesses connect their security strategy with IT Solutions.  

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