Preventing a data breach for your most vulnerable devices

December 29, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

Here are some interesting, albeit shocking, stats about the most vulnerable devices we use on a daily basis:

  • 47% are security cameras installed on company networks
  • 15% are smart hubs
  • 12% are network-attached storage devices

These same “three areas can fall within the purview of different segments of an IT organization residing within the same building. Hackers are often aware of this, which can lead to “open loopholes” they can easily exploit to breach a network.”

What can you do to help prevent these extremely common vulnerabilities? Detecting potential breaches within your security landscape are beyond crucial and should include these important aspects:

  • Determine who is in charge of what
  • What is and what is not included in device service contracts
  • Segmentation matters
  • Centralization also matters
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Perform frequent audits

Although these are excellent suggestions, they are all serious and can be quite laborious. That is where Access Tech comes in – Easily engage with us any time! Reach out to about an audit via email, our website, or by phone. We value your contribution to any conversation and look forward to all opportunities to chat with you.