The O365 threat – Are you at risk?

December 22, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

Windows 10 had a recent zero-day vulnerability called CVE-2021-40444. What is this and are you at risk? “Because Microsoft Office is used and trusted by millions worldwide, attackers could potentially launch very large scale attacks, and this vulnerability has a severity rating of 8.8 out of 10.” Such threats are a little scary, but, if we pay attention, they are preventable.

According to our sources, “This zero-day exploit in particular could potentially allow attackers to execute remote code. This could lead to several possible compromises, such as denial of service attacks, the deletion or creation of files and even complete system compromise.” Cyberattacks just keep on hitting all types of industries and impact businesses of every size.

The vulnerability can be “exploited” on Windows Server 2008 – 2019, and on Windows OS 8.1 – 10. Since most of us are running these versions, it is important to note how to avoid potential exploitations. If you are running the versions in Protected View mode or Application Guard, the default config for Windows devices, this will prevent the vulnerability.

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