911 best practices

December 16, 2021
Access Tech: Make sure your 911 information is up to date so you can be found.

While more businesses are reopening, thoughts about the existing phone system must stay in the forefront. There are several things to consider to ensure your phone system’s 911 information is accurate and updated. The most important aspect to include per RingCentral:

  • Registered location information for each extension.

What happens when this information is not updated or inaccurate? In the event of an emergency, 911 responders need to know exactly where the phone call is coming from so they can properly locate the origin. This info can be easily forgotten in the case of moving or transferring your DID / extension. Ensure this is updated every time your location changes.

For more information on this, or anything else RingCentral, reach out to Access Tech. We have been helping customers with their RingCentral phone system set up and features for over 6 years. We have the expertise and insight into how this platform works and ways to avoid potential issues like inaccurate 911 location updates.

[ Source: Update your E911 address ]