Next year will see more security spending

December 1, 2021
Access Tech: With the rise of ransomeware ambushes, more spending on security is in order. Is your protection enough?

The recent State of IT report performed by Spiceworks has projected that business security spending budgets. These are going “to increase in 2022. One specific area that will continue to see growth is managed security services.” IT budgets and security concerns will be mainly focused upon attack prevention. This is due to the many instances of breaches and theft within the recent ransomware ambush phenomenon.

A large push regarding employee security training tools is where this is headed. “Companies can no longer focus on singular solutions; they have to be holistic. The tools used to train employees in security protocols can be everything from cloud-based solutions to end-user education.” The next most important aspect is Anti-ransomware, which will encompass that same employee training.

“68% of respondents reported that hardware-based authentication (HBA) is a priority for them.”

Another extremely effective tool is authentication. This crucial aspect aids in the prevention of your data being hacked. If your company is using HBA, “someone has to be physically in control of a device to operate it.” This tactic has proven itself as a huge aid in protecting sensitive company and customer information.

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[ Source: Spiceworks State of IT Report ]