Hacker phishing – How is it used as an attack?

November 10, 2021
Access Tech: Do you know how much data a hacker can steal with just a simple click of a link? Protect your data with prevention and remember to think before you click!

When hackers are the most successful with their phishing expeditions, what is involved in their attack? Hackers use phishing to steal your company’s data in many ways. From the simplest way in, like the click of a link, to extremely complicated ransomware incident strategies. How effective are these attempts at getting in? By using links to obtain sensitive user data, the click of the link can actually allow a hacker into your network and gain access to credentials. Then, it’s all downhill from there.

To deal with this ease of access, prevention is the best method. Protecting your data, credentials, and access to your network are all completely possible, and with a very feasible implementation plan. The link clicking usually comes via email, so protecting that inwards path is a good place to start.

Next steps include using multi-factor authentication and ensuring the maintenance of employee awareness. Although hackers can still break through, even though MFA is in place, it slows them down and provides the barricade that could make them turn away. Training your employees to not click on suspicious links, along with reporting such attempts, is extremely effective, and should be engaged immediately.

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[ Source: How hackers use phishing in ransomware attacks ]